Unleashing the Power of Second Phone Numbers in 2024: A Guide to the Top 10 Apps

In the fast-paced digital age, where communication is key, having a second phone number has become increasingly popular and surprisingly easy to obtain. Whether you’re seeking a boundary between your personal and professional life or simply aiming for an extra layer of security in your interactions, a plethora of apps in 2024 can cater to your needs. Let’s dive into the top 10 apps that make getting a second phone number a breeze.

  1. Vyke: A Fusion of Functionality Vyke stands out as a unique blend of a second phone number app and a messaging app. Offering the convenience of choosing numbers from various countries, Vyke allows users to create up to four different numbers simultaneously. While calls and messages between Vyke users are free, additional features may incur costs. Some users have reported issues with integrating Vyke numbers into services like WhatsApp, so caution is advised.
  2. Onoff: Speed and Simplicity Onoff boasts lightning-fast setup, claiming to get you a second number within seconds. With options to register your number in different countries, it provides features like visual voicemail and the intriguing choice to label yourself a “VIP number.” However, limitations arise as you can only create one additional number, and there have been user complaints about dropped calls. Onoff operates on a subscription model, costing $4 per month or $13 annually.
  3. Numero eSIM: A Business Traveller’s Companion Targeting business professionals and frequent travellers, Numero relies on eSIM capabilities to offer flexibility and utility. Offering second numbers from over 80 countries, Numero facilitates registration on various platforms, including WhatsApp. While a U.S.-based second number requires a monthly fee, international numbers rely on purchased credits. This app shines when used for an international number, making it a valuable asset for globetrotters.
  4. Phoner: All-in-One Communication Hub Phoner emerges as a comprehensive solution, providing personal and business second phone numbers. With features like reverse phone number lookup, call recording, and anonymous caller lookup, Phoner covers all bases. Supporting international calling in over 40 countries, it also offers free texting and competitive calling rates between Phoner users. Subscription plans start at an affordable $5 per month for premium numbers.
  5. Sideline: Tailored for Business Collaboration Sideline caters to the business-oriented user, providing a second phone number alongside calling, texting, and voicemail features designed for workplace collaboration. Pro features include a team number for multiple devices, vanity phone numbers, and unique identity building. Sideline’s regular updates ensure bug fixes and interface enhancements, making it a reliable choice for professional use.
  6. Google Voice: The Free and Flexible Option Google Voice shines as an excellent choice for obtaining a free second phone number. Available for personal Google accounts, it seamlessly integrates with smartphones and computers. Google Voice automatically filters out spam, offers personalized settings, and enables advanced voicemail transcriptions. With the ability to call international destinations without extra charges, Google Voice is a cost-effective and reliable choice.
  7. Cloud SIM: Multiple Numbers for International Conversations Cloud SIM caters to those who need multiple phone numbers for international conversations. Offering numbers from various countries, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, and Poland, it provides low-cost and free rates for calls and text SMS. With the flexibility to choose your connection type, Cloud SIM is a versatile option for global communication.
  8. Burner: Versatile Second Line for Various Needs Burner stands out by providing a second line for calling, texting, and picture messaging. Intercepting calls and routing them to your cell phone, Burner ensures your real number remains private. With integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack, Burner allows users to archive messages and voicemails. Whether for business or temporary use, Burner offers flexibility with its prepaid plans and subscriptions.
  9. 2ndLine: Full-Featured Business Phone System 2ndLine presents itself as a full-featured business phone system that complements your personal number. Available in the U.S. and Canada, it allows calling and messaging from a different number on multiple devices. With local phone numbers, unlimited text and picture messaging, and frills like emojis and GIFs, 2ndLine is a fun yet practical choice for business use.
  10. Hushed: Privacy at Its Core Hushed focuses on keeping conversations private, providing a second smartphone number for users in over 60 countries. Offering full picture messaging, text, talk capabilities, and unlimited texting and calling in North America, Hushed ensures versatility. With features like call routing, call forwarding, and custom voicemail greetings, Hushed stands out as a privacy-centric option.

Frequently Asked Questions: Navigating the World of Second Phone Numbers

How do I get a second phone number for free? You can obtain a free second phone number by signing up for Google Voice. Google provides a free phone number for calling and texting, syncing seamlessly across all your Google-enabled devices.

What is the best app to get a second number? In our opinion, Google Voice is the best app for a second number due to its seamless integration and cost-effectiveness. However, alternatives like 2ndLine, Hushed, Burner, CloudSIM, and Vyke offer great options if Google Voice doesn’t meet your preferences.

What is the best app to get an anonymous second number? For anonymity, apps like Hushed, Burner, and Phoner are excellent choices, providing second numbers with enhanced privacy features.

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