AMD Anticipates New Strix Point APUs with “PRO” Variants

In the ever-evolving landscape of computer processors, AMD appears poised to introduce an enhanced line of its Strix Point APUs, tentatively titled the Ryzen PRO AI series. Recent developments suggest these new chips may soon hit the market, bolstering AMD’s competitive edge in the realm of low-powered laptops.

Following the recent unveiling of the Strix Point APUs at Computex 2024, AMD has been steadily gearing up for a wider release. The Strix Point series, built on the Zen 5 architecture and dubbed the Ryzen AI 300 series, promises significant enhancements tailored for portable computing. These advancements include a notable increase in core and thread counts, alongside integrated RDNA 3.5 GPUs and a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) intended to power artificial intelligence applications.

At the forefront of this line up sits the Ryzen AI 9 HX 370, a high-performance APU boasting 12 cores and 24 threads. Complementing its robust processing capabilities is the Radeon 880M GPU and a boost clock reaching up to 5.1GHz. Meanwhile, the Ryzen AI 9 365, though slightly less potent with 10 cores and 20 threads, retains a formidable NPU capable of executing 50 trillion operations per second. These specifications underscore AMD’s commitment to catering to diverse consumer needs within the burgeoning market of compact computing solutions.

Recent findings reported by tech outlets such as Wccftech and astute observers on Twitter hint at the imminent arrival of the Ryzen 9 PRO AI HX and Ryzen 7 PRO AI variants. Unearthed from shipping manifests, these listings suggest AMD’s proactive preparations well in advance of the official Strix Point debut. Both the Ryzen 9 PRO AI HX and Ryzen 7 PRO AI are expected to maintain the 12-core configuration found in their non-PRO counterparts, accompanied by a commendable 28W thermal design power (TDP). Speculation within industry circles suggests that these PRO AI models will boast superior specifications compared to their standard AI counterparts, potentially targeting professional users and enthusiasts seeking enhanced performance metrics.

While specific release dates for the Ryzen 9 PRO AI HX and Ryzen 7 PRO AI remain undisclosed, industry insiders anticipate their availability shortly after the initial rollout of the Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 and Ryzen AI 9 365 in July. Concurrently, AMD is gearing up for the launch of its Ryzen 9000X3D desktop CPUs, slated to coincide with the broader release of Strix Point-powered products. These upcoming desktop processors, based on the Zen 5 architecture, are expected to offer heightened processing capabilities, appealing primarily to users seeking top-tier performance in desktop environments.

For consumers contemplating a future hardware upgrade, the choice between opting for a Strix Point-powered laptop or a Zen 5 CPU-equipped desktop entails considering various factors. While Strix Point APUs promise integrated GPU capabilities and AI-centric enhancements ideal for portable computing, desktop configurations featuring Ryzen 9000 CPUs necessitate complementary discrete GPUs for maximised graphical fidelity and gaming performance. AMD’s strategic diversification aims to cater to distinct user preferences and computational requirements, ensuring that both mobile and desktop computing experiences are optimised for peak efficiency and user satisfaction.

Looking ahead, the introduction of the Ryzen PRO AI series represents a pivotal moment for AMD, poised to further consolidate its market position by delivering innovative solutions tailored to modern computing demands. As the technological landscape continues to evolve, AMD’s proactive approach in refining its processor offerings underscores its commitment to advancing performance benchmarks and enhancing user experiences across diverse computing platforms.

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