Intel Unveils Stealthy Additions to GPU Lineup: Arc A530M and A570M for Laptops

Intel has taken a quiet but significant step in the world of GPUs by launching the Arc A530M and A570M for laptops. These new options offer a promising solution for those seeking affordable, low- to mid-range graphics processing units without breaking the bank.

Although Intel has confirmed the existence of the Arc A530M and A570M in its Ark parts database, the tech giant has chosen to refrain from any public announcement. Anandtech, the tech analysis website, speculated that these new additions mark a notable improvement from the basic Arc A370M, which was put to the test in May 2022. While the Arc A370M already proved to be on par with or even slightly above the performance of the RTX 3050 in gaming, it still fell short compared to more high-end GPUs.

Breaking down the lineup, Intel’s 2022 revelation about the Arc series included details about the Arc A350M, which featured eight Xe cores and eight ray tracing units, boasting a graphics clock of 1550MHz and 4GB of memory. With the introduction of the Arc A530M, the processor elevates its capabilities with 12 Xe cores and 12 ray tracing units. The clock speed is slightly lowered to 1300MHz, and users can opt for either 4GB or 8GB of memory. Stepping up further, the A570M comes equipped with 16 Xe cores and 16 ray tracing units, sporting a similar clock speed of 1300MHz and support for 8GB of memory.

Anandtech’s observations highlighted that the power consumption of the two new Arc parts falls within the range of 65W to 95W for the A530M and 75W to 95W for the A570M. These specifications fill a previously unexpected gap in the power/performance offerings of the Arc chips that Intel had previously disclosed.

While performance benchmarks for these new chips are yet to be unveiled, previous tests on the A550M, which is expected to be the next tier up in performance, showed promising results, demonstrating its capacity to handle 1080p gaming at medium to high levels of detail. Comparisons can be drawn to Nvidia’s GeForce MX series from a few years ago, which offered a boost in graphics capabilities but not to a significant extent. Nonetheless, independent tests have shown that even the Arc 370M, the most basic of the series, significantly outperforms the standard integrated graphics found in most Intel laptop CPUs. Thus, these newly introduced GPUs are expected to enable users to play older games at more modest settings, providing an enjoyable gaming experience for budget-conscious individuals.

As the Arc A530M and A570M discreetly find their way into the market, consumers will be eager to witness their performance prowess in real-world scenarios. While Intel has remained silent about these releases, the products themselves speak volumes about the company’s commitment to offering versatile and affordable GPU options, catering to a wide range of users with varying needs and budget constraints. Whether these GPUs will take the gaming world by storm or merely serve as a step-up from integrated graphics, only time and user experiences will reveal their true potential.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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