The end of an era. ‘Angry Birds’ will no longer be in the Google store

The original game is on its way out of the Play Store. However, anyone who has the game installed will still be able to enjoy it.

Developer Rovio has announced that the original ‘Angry Birds’ will be removed from Google’s Play Store, which means that it will no longer be possible to download and install the game on mobile devices with Android operating systems.

Originally released in 2009 as ‘Angry Bids’, the game is now known as ‘Rovio Classics: Angry Birds’. In a post on Twitter, the developer explained that the game will be removed due to the impact on the company’s current portfolio. However, ‘Rovio Classics: Angry Birds’ will still be available on Apple’s online store under the name ‘Red’s First Flight’.

Remember that ‘Rovio Classics: Angry Birds’ is a paid game and can only be purchased and installed on cell phones until February 23. Players who have ‘Rovio Classics: Angry Birds’ installed on their cell phones will still be able to enjoy this title.

Remember that the original ‘Angry Birds’ was one of the first mobile games to achieve mainstream success, largely contributing to the success of other mobile games and also to the creation of the franchise.

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