Genshin Impact Chart Reveals Long Wait for Fan-Favorite Four-Star Characters

Genshin Impact enthusiasts have recently been buzzing about a newly surfaced chart that sheds light on the waiting times for certain four-star characters to make a return to the limelight. As version 4.3 of the popular action RPG game gears up for launch, players are eager to explore the reappearances of characters such as Raiden Shogun and Bennet. However, the chart reveals a line up of fan-favourite four-star characters who have been patiently biding their time without receiving a rerun.

The chart, compiled by dedicated Genshin Impact players, highlights the number of updates that have passed since certain four-star characters were featured in limited-time banners. Geo-type unit Gorou tops the waiting list with a staggering nine updates since his last banner appearance. Following closely behind are Xinyan and Ningguang, both having waited for eight updates to grace the banners once again.

Among the characters due for a rerun are Kaveh and Layla, both having patiently endured six updates without a spotlight moment. The chart also features Yun Jin, Shikanoin Heizou, Yaoyao, Mika, Razor, Faruzan, Yanfei, each awaiting their turn for a rerun after various intervals of banner absence.

Interestingly, Yun Jin, the Geo Polearm wielder, has been waiting for over one and a half years since her last banner appearance, a testament to the patience required in the Genshin Impact universe. Shikanoin Heizu and Yaoyao, having missed five consecutive updates, are also among the characters speculated to be in a state of waiting.

However, the disappointment looms for fans of these characters, as data-mined leaks suggest that these patiently waiting characters may not make it to the upcoming banners. The anticipation for version 4.4 is palpable among the player base, with promises of both new characters and reruns, including Nahida and Xiao. Previous leaks hinted at the inclusion of Albedo and Yae Miko in different phases of the event banner, but uncertainties surround these speculations.

Version 4.4, set to launch next week, is anticipated to be a significant update, reportedly introducing the Lantern Rite event and expanding the game’s explorable sections. Beyond the allure of new characters and reruns, the festival associated with this update promises substantial rewards, including Primogems and Mora. However, the most exciting revelation is the inclusion of a free character, with reputable leakers strongly speculating the arrival of the four-star Pyro-type unit, Gaming.

As Genshin Impact continues to evolve, players find themselves immersed in the intricate waiting game for their beloved characters’ return. The anticipation and excitement surrounding version updates and the unveiling of new banners showcase the vibrant and dynamic community that has grown around this captivating RPG experience. With version 4.4 on the horizon, players eagerly await the chance to reunite with their favourite characters and explore the promising additions that lie ahead in the ever-expanding world of Teyvat.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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