Europe’s Digital Gaming Market Shows Promising Growth in the Wake of EU Initiatives has released its latest report titled “Europe Digital Gaming Market 2023,” which sheds light on the current state and future developments of the digital gaming market in Europe. The report highlights the increasing number of digital gamers, sales generated from video and computer games in specific European countries, and the most popular gaming platform among European gamers.

The global digital gaming market has experienced significant growth, reaching a value close to EUR 180 billion as of 2022. According to the report, this trend is expected to continue, with the market projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly +5% between 2022 and 2025, reaching a value in the billions of euros. The overall expansion of the gaming market has driven consumer expectations, leading brands and gaming companies to invest in improved gaming processors, advanced graphics, enhanced games, and superior gaming hardware, resulting in greater satisfaction among gamers.

Europe is no exception to this upward trajectory, with the region’s digital gaming market experiencing substantial revenue growth and increased viewership. Europe secured the third-largest share of total gaming revenue globally, generating an estimated EUR 30 billion as of 2022. Furthermore, as of 2022, Europe accounted for over one-tenth of the total number of gaming players worldwide.

To further stimulate the digital gaming market, the European Union has implemented several initiatives, aiming to invest more than EUR 15 million, according to the report’s sources. One of these initiatives is the European Video Game Society project, which was launched in January 2022 to assess policies and strategies supporting the gaming industry in Europe.

Mobile gaming is another emerging trend that is transforming the digital gaming market in Europe. The report reveals that the popularity of mobile gaming has surged as digital gamers have increasingly shifted their focus to mobile devices as their preferred gaming platforms. Notably, companies like Netflix, Google, and Amazon have recognized this trend and have ventured into the mobile gaming market. Netflix, for instance, introduced Netflix Gaming as an initiative to establish its presence in Europe’s digital gaming market. Western Europe has emerged as a key hub for mobile gaming, ranking third in terms of mobile gaming revenue, following Eastern Asia and North America.

In countries such as the UK, Germany, and France, gamers are gravitating towards smartphones and mobile devices as their preferred gaming platforms. In Germany, for example, more than half of surveyed gamers reported using smartphones for gaming, while nearly half of them indicated using consoles like Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation as of 2022. Among different age groups, smartphones, laptops, and tablets were the top three most favored gaming platforms among gamers aged 16-29, while desktops and consoles were more popular among gamers aged 65 and above as of July 2022.

In France, over two-thirds of surveyed internet users reported playing games occasionally as of September 2022. The report highlights smartphones and consoles as the most preferred gaming platforms during the same period.

The report also addresses specific questions related to the digital gaming market in Europe, covering various countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the UK. It provides insights into video game sales, preferred gaming devices, computer and video game sales, activities gamers spend their money on, and the top payment methods used to purchase gaming goods in different European countries.

The Europe Digital Gaming Market 2023 report offers a comprehensive overview of the digital gaming market in Europe, shedding light on its growth potential, emerging trends, and the initiatives taken by the European Union to support the industry. With the ongoing rise in digital gaming’s popularity, the future looks bright for Europe’s gaming market, paving the way for further advancements and opportunities for both gamers and gaming companies

in the region.

The report provides valuable insights into the UK gaming market, revealing that as of 2022, the total video game sales in the country reached a significant figure in terms of revenue. Additionally, it highlights the most preferred gaming device among adults in the UK as of January 2022. These insights offer a glimpse into the gaming landscape in one of Europe’s key markets.

Germany, another prominent player in the European gaming scene, saw substantial computer and video game sales in the first half of 2022. The report breaks down the sales by segment, providing a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics within the country. Moreover, it delves into the preferences of German gamers in terms of devices used for playing video games, shedding light on the evolving gaming habits and choices in the country.

The report also covers France, where a significant share of internet users claimed to play video games occasionally as of September 2022. It highlights the preferred devices used for gaming and provides insights into the gaming preferences of solo players in the country. This information offers a glimpse into the gaming habits and preferences of the French population.

Spain, Italy, and Russia are also featured in the report, each providing unique insights into their respective gaming markets. Spain showcases the top engagements of game enthusiasts, offering a deeper understanding of the activities that resonate with Spanish gamers. Italy presents data on the total number of video game players, providing an overview of the gaming landscape in the country. Russia focuses on the preferred payment methods used to buy gaming goods, giving an understanding of the purchasing behavior and trends in the Russian gaming market.

The report mentions several notable companies that are shaping the digital gaming landscape in Europe. These include industry giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox, as well as popular platforms like Fortnite, Roblox, TikTok, and WeChat. Their presence indicates the diverse and dynamic ecosystem within the European gaming market.

Overall, the “Europe Digital Gaming Market 2023” report sheds light on the growth and potential of the digital gaming industry in Europe. With the support of EU initiatives and the rising popularity of mobile gaming, the European gaming market is witnessing significant revenue growth and attracting the attention of key players in the industry. The report’s insights into specific countries provide a comprehensive view of the gaming landscape across Europe, offering valuable information for industry stakeholders, gamers, and investors alike.

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