iOS 18 Introduces Live Transcriptions: Revolutionising Audio Notes and Voice Memos

In the forthcoming iOS 18 update from Apple, users of iPhones will experience a significant enhancement in functionality with the introduction of Live Transcriptions. This innovative feature promises to seamlessly convert audio recordings made on the Notes app or Voice Memos app into text, thereby revolutionising how users interact with their devices.

Set to be rolled out after the autumn season, iOS 18 brings a host of new capabilities, with Live Transcriptions standing out as a highly anticipated addition. This feature represents a substantial leap forward in accessibility and productivity, allowing users to obtain accurate text transcripts from recorded audio in a matter of minutes.

Accessing Live Transcriptions in iOS 18

Despite its undeniable utility, accessing Live Transcriptions in the current developer beta of iOS 18 can be somewhat elusive. Users eager to explore this feature can do so by opting into the developer beta programme, though it comes with the caveat of potential instability. Here’s a concise guide on how to enable Live Transcriptions in both the Notes app and Voice Memos app:

Using Live Transcriptions in the Notes App

To utilise Live Transcriptions in the Notes app, users must follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Create an Audio Note: Begin by tapping the “New Note” button at the bottom of the screen within the Notes app.
  2. Record Audio: Select the paperclip icon, then “Record Audio,” and commence recording by tapping the record button.
  3. Finalise Recording: Once finished, tap the “Pause” button and confirm by selecting “Done.”
  4. Access Transcription: Return to the Note view, tap on the recording, followed by the quotation mark icon situated at the bottom left of the screen.

The device will then proceed to generate a text transcription of the audio recording, providing users with a convenient and efficient means of converting spoken content into written text.

Enabling Live Transcriptions in Voice Memos

Similarly, enabling Live Transcriptions in the Voice Memos app requires the following steps:

  1. Record a Memo: Within the Voice Memos app, press the “Record” button to initiate the recording process.
  2. Stop and Save: Upon completion, press the “Stop” button to cease recording and save the audio memo.
  3. Access Transcript: Navigate to the “All Recordings” section, locate the recording in question, and tap the three horizontal dots adjacent to the recording name.
  4. View Transcript: Select “Show Transcript” to display the textual representation of the recorded audio.

Should users wish to make adjustments or corrections to the transcription, the interface allows for straightforward editing by selecting the respective portion of text for re-recording or replacement.

Future Implications and Conclusion

Live Transcriptions not only enhance the functionality of the Notes and Voice Memos apps but also hint at broader implications for user interaction with iOS devices. As Apple continues to refine this feature, there are plans to extend Live Transcriptions to phone calls, providing participants with advanced warning before recording begins. This development underscores Apple’s commitment to accessibility and usability across its product ecosystem.

In summary, iOS 18’s Live Transcriptions represent a pivotal advancement in mobile technology, catering to both practical and inclusive needs of users. As the update prepares for public release, anticipation builds around how these features will redefine productivity and accessibility in everyday use.

For iPhone users eager to explore the future of audio-to-text conversion, iOS 18 and its Live Transcriptions feature offer a compelling glimpse into the next generation of mobile computing from Apple.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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