Microsoft Accessories Make a Comeback Through Strategic Partnership with Incase

In a surprising turn of events for Microsoft enthusiasts, the tech giant has revived its accessories line up, previously slated for shutdown, through a strategic collaboration with accessory maker Incase. Microsoft’s decision to shutter its peripherals business last April, encompassing keyboards, mice, webcams, and other accessories, had left many loyalists disappointed. However, the recent partnership with Incase brings a ray of hope, promising the return of beloved accessories under the new “Incase Designed by Microsoft” branding.

Onward Brands, the corporate force steering Incase, proudly announced securing licensing rights and associated intellectual property from Microsoft’s accessories portfolio. This landmark agreement entrusts Incase with the manufacturing and distribution of an array of Microsoft accessory products, such as keyboards, mice, webcams, headsets, and speakers.

The collaboration promises a seamless transition, assuring users that the aesthetics and functionality of the accessories will remain intact. The only discernible change will be the replacement of Microsoft’s logo with Incase’s distinctive leaf-shaped emblem.

Incase has wasted no time and has already unveiled a preview of the first 23 Designed by Microsoft computer accessories, set to hit the market later this year. The product line up encompasses a diverse range, featuring keyboards, mice, headphones, a speaker, and a webcam. Noteworthy mentions include popular models like the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop keyboard and the Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse. Additionally, Incase is gearing up to introduce a new ergonomic keyboard under the same branding.

These accessories are poised to reach a global audience as Incase plans to retail them through its official website and various prominent outlets, including BestBuy and Amazon. Anticipated availability is slated for the second quarter of 2024.

The revival of Microsoft accessories under the Incase partnership is not only a cause for celebration among avid users but also a strategic move by the tech giant to refocus its efforts on the more lucrative Surface-branded products. The collaboration allows Microsoft to maintain a presence in the peripherals market without the direct operational responsibilities, leveraging Incase’s expertise in manufacturing and distribution.

Incase, renowned for its commitment to design aesthetics and product quality, is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the Microsoft accessories line up. The “Incase Designed by Microsoft” branding implies a fusion of Microsoft’s technological prowess and Incase’s design sensibilities, promising a product range that not only performs optimally but also aligns with contemporary design trends.

The partnership announcement has generated significant buzz among tech enthusiasts, with many expressing excitement over the return of Microsoft accessories. The prospect of acquiring these products through trusted retailers like BestBuy and Amazon further adds to the anticipation, ensuring widespread accessibility.

The inclusion of new additions to the accessory line up, such as the upcoming ergonomic keyboard, indicates a commitment to innovation under the renewed collaboration. This move not only caters to existing Microsoft users but also aims to attract new consumers with cutting-edge designs and enhanced functionality.

As the global market eagerly awaits the official release in the second quarter of 2024, the collaboration between Microsoft and Incase stands as a testament to the resilience of iconic brands and their ability to adapt to changing market dynamics. The “Incase Designed by Microsoft” accessories are poised to reclaim their position in the tech world, offering users a blend of familiarity and innovation.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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