Unlocking the Power of Your Phone: Listen to Articles on the Web with Ease

In the vast realm of the internet, where articles seem to multiply by the second, keeping up with your reading list can be a daunting task. Fortunately, a feature that allows your phone to read out articles has become a game-changer, now seamlessly integrated into the default browsers of both Android and iOS devices.

This feature, beyond its convenience for the general user, proves to be a valuable tool for the visually impaired, effortlessly making web content accessible through audio. The setup is straightforward, providing you the flexibility to absorb articles while engaged in various activities—be it doing household chores, driving, winding down for sleep, taking a stroll, or any other moment where allocating attention to an audio source is feasible.

Android Auditory Adventure

On Android devices, the responsibility of reading out articles rests on the capable shoulders of Google Assistant, working harmoniously with the default Google Chrome browser. When you have a page open in Chrome, a simple vocal command such as “Hey Google, read this page” triggers the narration. Some handsets also allow you to summon Google Assistant by pressing and holding the power button.

During the audio playback, user-friendly controls appear at the bottom of the screen, offering the ability to pause, restart, navigate to different sections of the page, and adjust the reading speed using the conveniently placed dial icon. Exiting the read-aloud mode is as simple as tapping the back arrow in the top right corner or utilizing the back gesture.

For those who appreciate customization, tapping the three dots in the top right corner unveils options such as altering the voice used for the narration, toggling text sync (highlighting words in blue as they are read), and activating translation if a multilingual experience is desired.

It’s noteworthy that if you’ve embraced Google’s Reading mode app for Android, it incorporates a built-in read-aloud feature. This app not only offers an ad-free and distraction-free reading environment but also provides a play button at the bottom of the interface for audio renditions of articles.

iOS: Siri Joins the Reading Party

In the iOS arena, Apple has long supported screen reading through its accessibility settings. However, the introduction of iOS 17 brought a dedicated feature that allows Siri to examine and read out the text of web articles, enhancing the overall user experience.

To activate this feature, with a webpage open in Safari on your iPhone, a simple “Hey Siri, read this” summons the soothing tones of your virtual assistant. A media playback panel gracefully appears at the top of the screen, offering controls for the playback process. Alternatively, Siri can be launched by pressing and holding the side button or the Home button on your iPhone. If you prefer a hands-on approach, tapping the double-A icon in the address bar and selecting “Listen to Page” accomplishes the same task.

Opting for the latter method introduces a speech bubble icon next to the website address, providing options to modify audio speed, pause and restart playback, or navigate through the page. Tapping “End Listening” halts the audio, returning you to regular browsing.

Safari on iOS also boasts a built-in reading mode designed to declutter webpages and enhance focus on the text. Activating this mode, accessible through the double-A icon in the address bar by selecting “Show Reader,” provides an immersive reading experience. Notably, the read-aloud feature seamlessly integrates with reading mode, offering users a unified and streamlined reading and listening experience.

In conclusion, as the digital landscape continues to evolve, the ability of our devices to adapt and enhance our everyday tasks becomes increasingly apparent. The ease with which we can now transform written content into a narrated format, directly from our pocket-sized companions, exemplifies the synergy of technology and convenience. Whether you navigate the web on Android or iOS, unlocking the power of your phone to read articles aloud opens up a new realm of possibilities, making multitasking a breeze and ensuring that no interesting story goes unheard.

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