Windows 11 Update Woes: Boot Loops and Vanishing Icons Plague Users

Reports of unsettling issues have surfaced among Windows 11 users following the rollout of the latest update, KB5032190 for November, raising concerns over system stability.

One of the most troubling problems encountered by users involves a frustrating cycle of boot loops during the installation process. Users have voiced their distress on various platforms, recounting instances where the update progresses to 95% before triggering an endless loop of installation failures and subsequent reboots. “Something didn’t go as planned. No need to worry – undoing changes,” one user shared, describing the disheartening message displayed before the continuous reboot sequence.

According to Redditors, attempts to install the update resulted in varying experiences, with some encountering multiple boot loops before their system reverted the changes. However, others faced a more severe consequence, reaching a point where their devices refused to boot altogether. Though this issue was observed in the preview version released in late October, some hope that the final release has eliminated the need for drastic measures like reinstalling the entire operating system.

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, users have opted for caution, refraining from further attempts to install the problematic update. The Reddit thread showcasing these concerns has accumulated four reports, shedding light on the widespread impact of the boot loop issue. Fortunately, for most users, the loop appears finite, with the system managing to rectify itself after a series of failed attempts.

In addition to the boot loop debacle, another vexing issue pestering Windows 11 users involves disappearing icons on the taskbar. Instances have been reported where icons vanish entirely, leaving behind empty spaces that still retain their functionality upon clicking. Alternatively, users have encountered icons displaced by adjacent ones, leading to confusion and inconvenience.

The anomaly of vanishing icons traces its origins to Moment 4, the update introducing several new features to Windows 11, including Copilot. Despite persisting for a while, there’s a glimmer of hope as Microsoft has addressed this glitch in the Canary preview build, signaling a potential resolution in the works for the release version of Windows 11.

While Microsoft remains silent on the boot loop issue, fewer reports have emerged concerning this matter. Nevertheless, it remains a significant concern as users find themselves unable to install the update successfully, despite the system’s attempts to self-correct.

Furthermore, Microsoft has acknowledged specific known issues accompanying the patch, notably the inconvenience faced by users with multiple monitors experiencing unexpected shifts in desktop icons or irregular icon alignments due to Copilot usage. As a temporary measure, the software giant has removed the AI assistant from affected systems, promising a forthcoming fix to rectify the situation.

As users await a comprehensive fix for these troubling glitches, Microsoft’s efforts to address these concerns through ongoing testing and forthcoming updates offer a glimmer of hope for Windows 11 users grappling with these frustrating setbacks.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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