OpenAI Unveils Sneaky New Feature: Summon Your Custom GPT Bots with an ‘@’

In a stealthy move, OpenAI has discreetly introduced a novel feature to its ChatGPT Plus service, allowing users to tag their custom-created GPT bots using an ‘@’ symbol. This subtle enhancement was uncovered by the observant ChatGPT enthusiast, @danshipper, bringing a noteworthy change to the user experience.

The inception of custom ChatGPT-powered chatbots occurred in November 2023, as part of OpenAI’s premium ChatGPT Plus service. Subscribers gained the ability to fashion bespoke GPT-powered chatbots tailored for specific conversations. The user-friendly GPT-building interface facilitated the creation of these bots, with the added advantage of continuous user training to enhance their conversational capabilities over time.

Earlier this year, OpenAI expanded its GPT ecosystem with the introduction of the GPT store. This platform empowered users to craft GPT bots for diverse categories such as education, productivity, and entertainment, making them accessible to a broader audience. The GPTs in the store became searchable, competing and ranking against those of fellow users. Moreover, OpenAI envisioned a future where creators could potentially earn monetary rewards for their adeptly designed GPT bots.

The recent revelation by @danshipper sheds light on an unexpected feature that enables users to summon their custom GPT bots using the familiar ‘@’ symbol during interactions with ChatGPT. While the specific mechanics of this feature are yet to be detailed, speculations arise that it could streamline the process of transitioning between different custom GPT personas. This subtle integration mirrors functionalities found in popular communication platforms like Discord and Slack, possibly aiming to provide ChatGPT users with a seamless and engaging chatbot experience.

Remarkably, OpenAI has chosen a distinctive path by not formally announcing or acknowledging this update. The discovery of this feature has been left to the keen-eyed users, adding an element of surprise to the introduction of new functionalities. The quiet rollout hints at OpenAI’s commitment to continuous refinement and augmentation of its services, with a focus on user exploration and experimentation.

Cybernews suggests that this feature might be exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, further enhancing the value proposition for premium users. The potential ease of switching between custom GPT personas could attract users seeking to cultivate their own personalized chatbot ecosystems, akin to the user experience offered by popular communication applications.

As of now, OpenAI’s strategic choice to keep this feature under wraps has spurred discussions within the AI community. The implications of seamlessly summoning custom GPT bots could transcend mere convenience, opening up new avenues for dynamic and interactive AI-powered conversations. While the specifics await clarification from OpenAI, the unannounced introduction of this feature adds an intriguing layer to the evolving landscape of generative AI.

In conclusion, OpenAI’s latest move to introduce an ‘@’ symbol summoning feature for custom GPT bots underscores the organization’s commitment to continuous innovation. As users delve into the possibilities of seamlessly interacting with their bespoke AI creations, the silent unveiling serves as a testament to OpenAI’s dedication to enhancing user experiences within the evolving realm of artificial intelligence. The potential ramifications of this unannounced feature remain to be fully explored, and users are eager to witness how this discreet addition will shape the future of AI interactions on the ChatGPT platform.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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