E3, Gaming’s Stalwart, Bows Out After Two Decades

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), a once-pivotal event in the gaming industry, bids farewell after more than 20 years. The organisers expressed gratitude for the memories but confirmed the cancellation of the 2023 expo, already deemed irrelevant by analysts. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) verified that E3 will not see a future iteration.

E3, born in 1995, was a showcase for gaming innovations, hitting its peak in 2005 with major console launches. However, as big players opted for independent events, E3 struggled to maintain its prominence. The pandemic-induced pause and a lack of industry interest led to the demise of the 2023 event.

A game developer lamented E3’s end, recalling its significant impact on the industry. The ESA’s focus now shifts to advocating for member companies and the industry workforce.

A games industry analyst noted the significance of E3’s closure, citing the rise of cost-effective and flexible in-house events. While E3’s heyday was viewed as an unmissable event, its end marks a shift in the industry’s approach to engaging with audiences.

As E3 takes its final bow, the gaming industry seeks new platforms, but the legacy of E3 will linger in the memories of gamers and industry professionals who once annually celebrated electronic entertainment.

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