Final Fantasy 14 Welcomes 2024 with Enchanting Heavensturn Event

As the countdown to 2024 begins, Final Fantasy 14 aficionados are eagerly anticipating the annual Heavensturn event, set to kick off on December 31 and continue through the early morning of January 15. This festive occasion, akin to New Year’s Day in the game, promises a delightful questline and charming rewards inspired by the Chinese Zodiac.

Heavensturn, a beloved tradition in the Final Fantasy 14 universe, offers players a brief yet enchanting escapade within the game world. This year, as the virtual realm enters the Year of the Dragon, a familiar face is making a surprising return to grace the event: Seiryu, the serpent-like dragon Auspice and esteemed member of the Four Lords.

To embark on this celestial journey, players can initiate the event by accepting the quest titled “To Be a Mascot” from Ryu Metsuke, stationed at the Aftcastle in Limsa Lominsa’s Upper Decks. The quest is available from December 31 through January 15 and welcomes players from level 15 and above. As participants progress through this captivating questline, they will find themselves rewarded with the endearing Ryunosuke, a baby chocobo minion dressed in an adorable dragon costume.

The decision to feature Seiryu in this year’s Heavensturn event has sparked excitement among players. Known for his imposing presence as a formidable boss within Final Fantasy 14, Seiryu’s return promises both comical and touching moments. As a dragon steeped in Chinese myth, his inclusion aligns seamlessly with the spirit of Heavensturn, making him a fitting choice for the Year of the Dragon celebration.

Heavensturn marks only the beginning of a momentous year for Final Fantasy 14 enthusiasts. The highly anticipated Dawntrail expansion is slated to arrive next summer, promising fresh adventures and challenges for players. Additionally, Final Fantasy 14 is set to make its debut on the Xbox platform before the expansion’s release, expanding the game’s reach to a wider audience.

Adding to the excitement, the third and final Fan Festival in Japan is scheduled to commence on January 7. Attendees will be treated to an exclusive preview of upcoming features in the Dawntrail expansion. Speculations abound regarding potential reveals, including glimpses of the second new job in the expansion, details about a playable race, and perhaps even a release date to heighten anticipation.

While the upcoming Heavensturn event steals the spotlight, players still have a few days left to immerse themselves in the ongoing Starlight Celebration event. This Christmas-themed questline, available until December 31, offers a heartwarming experience. Players who reach level 15 can visit the Mih Khetto Amphitheatre in Gridania, complete a poignant questline, and receive a dyeable Santa Claus outfit that can be glamoured by characters of any job within Final Fantasy 14.

As the Final Fantasy 14 community eagerly awaits the dawn of 2024, the Heavensturn event promises not only an engaging gaming experience but also a heartfelt celebration of the Year of the Dragon. With Seiryu’s return and the allure of the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, the coming year holds immense promise for adventurers within the realm of Eorzea.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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