A Fantastic Arrival: LEGO Unveils First-Ever Twilight Set, the Cullen House

In a thrilling revelation for Twihards across the globe, LEGO has officially announced the development of its inaugural Twilight set, the Cullen House, as part of the LEGO Ideas 2023 review results. Fans of the iconic vampire saga can now rejoice as their dream of immortalizing the Cullen family’s abode in brick form becomes a reality.

The mastermind behind this blood-sucking creation is Nick Micheels, known in the LEGO realm as LobsterThermidor. A self-proclaimed Twilight enthusiast who found his inspiration as an adult, Nick has meticulously crafted a stunning LEGO replica of the renowned Cullen family home. In a statement, LEGO shared, “Nick became a huge Twilight fan as an adult and was inspired to create this impressive LEGO replica of the iconic Cullen family house. His design included a brick-built wolf and, of course, some of the main characters in Minifigure likeness so you can replay your favorite scenes from the movie.”

LobsterThermidor, not one to shy away from humor, quipped, “No one asked for it, I answered! Welcome to Twilight: Cullen House. When you see this set on the shelf, you’ll ask, ‘Where the H-E-Double Lego Bricks have you been, loca!?'”

The Twilight: Cullen House set promises to be a visual feast for fans, faithfully capturing the essence of the vampire family’s abode. Boasting three levels and numerous windows, the set is a loving tribute to the Twilight universe. While the final version may differ slightly from the LEGO Ideas model, enthusiasts can expect an impressive recreation of the Cullen House, complete with nods to the franchise’s iconic elements.

Among the details that have been teased, fans can anticipate Edward’s piano, ensuring he can serenade Bella in true vampire style. The set also pays homage to the Twilight cover art with art on the walls and includes quirky touches such as a baseball bat and glove in the garage for those legendary vampire baseball matches – a sport strictly reserved for thunderstorms. A graduation cap display adds a humorous touch, reflecting the Cullens’ perpetual matriculation.

One noticeable absence from the Cullen House? Beds! After all, vampires don’t need a good night’s sleep. LobsterThermidor’s imagination extends to the inclusion of Minifigures, featuring the central characters Bella, Edward, a shirtless and sweaty Jacob, and the dashing Carlisle Cullen. The hope among fans is that the entire Cullen clan will be part of the official LEGO Twilight set, and with a bit of luck, these Minifigures will sparkle just like their on-screen counterparts.

A particularly exciting prospect is LobsterThermidor’s envisioned LEGO build of a werewolf, a creature integral to the Twilight narrative. Enthusiasts hope that this unique addition will make it into the final retail version, adding an extra layer of magic to the set.

As the Twilight: Cullen House set gears up for its eventual release, the fervour among fans suggests that this should only be the beginning of LEGO’s foray into the Twilight universe. A demand, or perhaps a passionate plea, has been raised for a “Cullens and Bella Play Baseball” set – a sentiment echoed by fans who eagerly anticipate more Twilight-themed LEGO creations.

In conclusion, as LEGO embraces the supernatural allure of Twilight, fans can look forward to immortalizing their favourite moments from the saga with the upcoming Twilight: Cullen House set. It’s a testament to the enduring popularity of the vampire romance and a nod to the creativity that fans like LobsterThermidor bring to the LEGO community. The only question that remains is: will other fantastical realms follow suit, or is this just the beginning of a fantastic LEGO journey into the supernatural? Only time will tell.

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