New TARDIS Interior Unveiled: A Fusion of Classic and Futuristic Design

The iconic TARDIS has undergone a dramatic transformation, promising viewers an exhilarating journey through time and space with its expansive new interior set. Doctor Who’s producer Phil Collinson, joined by fellow producer Vicki Delow and actor David Tennant, unveiled the groundbreaking features of the revamped TARDIS during the official inside commentary accompanying “The Star Beast.”

Designed by the visionary production designer Phil Sims, the vast new white interior is not just visually striking but also conceals surprises within its expansive space. Collinson teased the set’s capabilities, highlighting its individually controlled LED lights that can work autonomously, spelling out words and performing astonishing feats throughout the series.

Tennant, describing the experience as a tremendous honor, expressed his delight in being the Doctor to reveal this innovative TARDIS interior. He enthusiastically shared his joy at being the first to explore the sprawling console and multi-layer gantries, likening his excitement to that of a child at Disneyworld. He teased about tantalizing doors hinting at passages to other realms within the set.

The electrifying lap around the ship in “The Star Beast,” executed by the Doctor in the episode’s conclusion, stemmed from director Rachel Talalay’s idea. Tennant embraced the exhilaration, sprinting around the various walkways and admitting to relishing every moment. His contagious enthusiasm for the set was palpable, evident in his unrestrained exuberance during the scene.

Showrunner Russell T Davies shed light on the inspirations behind the new design during an episode of The Official Doctor Who Podcast. Davies revealed that the aesthetic wasn’t merely a throwback to the simpler, white TARDIS interiors of the Classic era. It also drew inspiration from recent iterations under showrunners Steven Moffat and Chris Chibnall, citing fondness for the modern white TARDISes that emerged in the series.

Intriguingly, Davies mused on whether his affinity for the white TARDIS was rooted in nostalgia for past eras or its inherent quality. He expressed contentment with the current rendition, inviting discussion and debate on its merits.

Presenter Tyrell Charles praised the choice of a white palette as a universally accepted futuristic look. Drawing parallels to notable moments in the series where color changes signified imminent danger, Charles envisioned the potential for the new LED roundels to introduce dynamic shifts in the TARDIS environment, offering a fusion of classic and modern design elements.

The allure of the new interior was so captivating that series 14 episode directors found themselves lost in its grandeur, delaying their work as they explored its vastness, Collinson and Delow shared amusing anecdotes about the directors needing gentle nudges to focus on filming.

However, amidst the awe-inspiring scale and innovation, Tennant humorously remarked on the inevitable—Donna inadvertently causing chaos within moments of being in the new space. With her characteristic flair, she manages to create havoc, much to the initial dismay of Collinson, who jokingly expressed mock frustration at the scripted explosion, dubbing it the biggest TARDIS explosion ever.

As Doctor Who’s legacy continues to evolve, the fusion of classic aesthetics with futuristic innovations in the TARDIS interior promises a captivating visual spectacle and a thrilling journey for both the Doctor and the audience across time and space.

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Sam Allcock
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