Strengthened Security Measures Planned for The Game Awards 2023

In light of the unexpected on-stage incidents at the 2022 Game Awards, organizers are gearing up to implement enhanced security measures for the upcoming 2023 event. A recent Q&A livestream hinted at discreet plans to ensure the safety of participants and the audience, mitigating the possibility of a recurrence of disruptive antics.

The 2022 Game Awards witnessed an unusual intrusion when an individual, expressing gratitude to a fictional “Reformed Orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton,” momentarily diverted attention from FromSoftware’s acceptance of the Game of the Year award for Elden Ring. A similar occurrence at Gamescom Opening Night Live underscored the vulnerability of major gaming events to uninvited disruptions.

The peculiar nature of these incidents aside, the ease with which individuals infiltrated these events has prompted a reevaluation of security protocols. In response to concerns about potential disruptions, assurances have been given that comprehensive plans are underway. “We’re trying to do all we can to keep everyone safe‚ÄĒparticipants, the audience, and me,” commented an unnamed representative.

While the previous disruptions were characterized as harmless pranks, the incidents highlighted the broader security challenges faced by organizers in the current era. The prevalence of such incidents necessitates increased vigilance to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone involved in the event.

Assurances of discreet security measures were made, steering away from the notion of a conspicuous security presence akin to bouncers encircling the stage. Instead, the focus will be on subtle monitoring of the audience and those approaching the stage to thwart any untoward incidents. Though scrutiny of attendees may intensify, the logistical challenges of screening ticket holders, particularly given the event’s accessibility to the general public, are acknowledged.

“I would imagine there will be quite a bit more scrutiny of who gets into the show too,” hinted the representative, alluding to potential changes in the screening process. Striking a balance between bolstering security and preserving the inclusive atmosphere of the event is a nuanced challenge for the organizers.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits The Game Awards 2023, the assurance of enhanced security measures brings a sense of relief. The organizers are committed to delivering a memorable celebration of video games while prioritizing the safety and enjoyment of everyone involved. The delicate equilibrium between security and the festive spirit of the event will undoubtedly be a focal point as plans unfold for this year’s ceremony.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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