Offworld Industries Breathes New Life into Squad 44 with Major Update

In a move that has sparked excitement among military simulation (milsim) enthusiasts, Offworld Industries, the publisher and developer of Squad, has fully acquired Post Scriptum and reinvigorated its World War II spinoff, now aptly named Squad 44. The recent patch, unveiled just yesterday, has injected fresh vitality into the game, introducing a host of new features that promise to captivate players and elevate Squad 44 to new heights.

Among the noteworthy additions is the inclusion of two new factions, bringing the Greeks and Aussies into the fold. The introduction of a brand-new map, “The Battle of Rethymno,” serves as a visually stunning backdrop to the intense combat scenarios that players will undoubtedly find themselves immersed in. Furthermore, the arsenal has been expanded with seven new weapons, including the Brixia Mortar, FN1922 pistol, M1895 pistol, Männlicher 1903 rifle, Männlicher 1903 carbine rifle, Männlicher 1903-14 rifle, and MLE 1874 rifle.

The response to these updates has been overwhelmingly positive, with Squad 44 experiencing a surge in player numbers, reaching its highest count in years. This surge is a testament to the game’s ability to reignite interest and engage players on a whole new level. Importantly, Squad 44 distinguishes itself from the prevailing live service game model by forgoing elements such as a battle pass and premium store. Notably, there are currently no plans to charge players for additional maps or factions, preserving the commitment to delivering a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience.

Squad 44, in essence, mirrors the Squad experience but transposes it into the World War II era. Originally crafted by the external studio Periscope Games, the game’s evolution into Squad 44 retains the familiar UI, logistic systems, and weapon handling akin to its modern-day counterpart. While the initial release of Post Scriptum in 2018 failed to garner the same level of success as Squad, it faced further challenges when overshadowed by another World War II FPS, Hell Let Loose. The original developer, Periscope Games, allowed Post Scriptum to languish without updates since early 2023.

Now, with Periscope Games seemingly disbanded, Offworld Industries has entrusted the reins of Squad 44 to Mercury Arts. Notably, Mercury Arts is a team formed by individuals from the Post Scriptum modding community, bringing a wealth of passion and expertise to the revitalization effort. The rebranding of Squad 44 could indicate a strategic shift, hinting at a trajectory mirroring Squad’s development model more closely.

Squad, despite its previous commitment to a DLC-free model, introduced paid cosmetics earlier this year as a means of sustaining the game’s ongoing development. Although initially met with resistance from the dedicated milsim community, Squad’s player base adapted to the changes. It remains to be seen whether Squad 44 will follow a similar path, introducing paid content in the future to ensure the sustained growth of the game.

Squad 44 is currently available on Steam, inviting players to dive into the enhanced World War II milsim experience crafted by Offworld Industries. As the game continues to evolve under its new management, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the prospect of further updates and innovations that will undoubtedly shape the future of Squad 44. Whether it’s the allure of historical accuracy, strategic gameplay, or the camaraderie forged on the virtual battlefield, Squad 44’s resurgence is a testament to the enduring appeal of milsim gaming.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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