Alan Wake 2 Receives Update 1.16: Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Remedy Entertainment, the Finnish game development studio, has released the latest update, 1.16, for its critically acclaimed survival horror game, Alan Wake 2. Available now on PC and consoles, the update brings a series of improvements across all platforms, marking the second significant patch since the start of the year.

This update follows closely on the heels of the substantial 1.15 patch, which debuted towards the end of January, introducing a plethora of bug fixes and enhancements. Among the notable additions were the Chapter Select menu and the option to adjust visual and audio intensity within the game’s horror flashes. With nearly 100 items listed in the changelog, Remedy set a high standard for game improvement.

The latest iteration, 1.16, arrives on February 8, presenting a more modest array of changes compared to its predecessor. Notably, Xbox Series X/S players will benefit from a fix addressing random crashes that occurred after suspending or exiting the game. Such stability issues, associated with the Quick Resume feature, have plagued several titles on the platform, including Microsoft’s own Starfield and Forza Motorsport.

Another significant bug addressed in this update is the resolution of an issue that occasionally hindered players from exiting container menus and interactable notes. Although the cause of this bug was not elaborated upon by Remedy, the patch aims to rectify various triggers that led to this malfunction.

One particularly troublesome bug fixed in version 1.16 involved players getting stuck in Cauldron Lake due to the failure of Lighthouse keys to spawn after opening the last Cult Stash. With this bug now resolved, players can seamlessly progress through the game without encountering such hindrances. Additionally, a visual glitch concerning Saga Anderson’s crossbow, where it would inexplicably reappear on her back after being stored in the Shoebox, has been addressed.

While these minor updates contribute to refining the gaming experience, Remedy has more ambitious plans in the pipeline for Alan Wake 2. Players can anticipate the arrival of two paid expansions, Night Springs and Lake House, scheduled for release later in 2024, promising to extend the game’s narrative and gameplay further.

In conclusion, the release of update 1.16 underscores Remedy Entertainment’s commitment to enhancing the gameplay experience for Alan Wake 2 players. As the studio continues to address issues and implement new features, fans can look forward to further enriching their immersion in this captivating survival horror world.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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