APB Reloaded: Console Closure Marks the End of an Era for Controversial MMO

In a move that may not surprise many players, the curtains are closing on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the controversial open-world MMO, APB Reloaded. Developed by Little Orbit and PLAION, the decision to shut down the console versions comes as a result of a combination of technical challenges, resource constraints, and the evolving landscape of gaming.

APB Reloaded, initially positioned as a potential competitor to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series, failed to meet expectations upon its initial launch, garnering mostly negative reviews and struggling to attract a significant player base. The original APB faced a shutdown, only to be resurrected as APB Reloaded with a free-to-play model, making its way to Xbox One and PS4 consoles. However, the revival proved short-lived, and now players interested in the console experience are facing a countdown to the end.

The Xbox One version of APB Reloaded has already been taken offline due to severe technical issues, and unfortunately, there are no plans to bring it back online. PS4 players, on the other hand, have a brief reprieve before the final shutdown. APB Reloaded purchases on PS4 will cease on February 1, with the game itself scheduled to go offline on August 2. Developers acknowledge the impact on the gaming community, labelling the decision as unavoidable.

The timeline for the shutdown is as follows:

  • Xbox One: Already shut down
  • PS4: Purchases end on February 1, shut down on August 2

While the closure signals the end of the road for APB Reloaded on consoles, there is a silver lining for dedicated fans of the game. The PC version of APB Reloaded will remain accessible, providing an avenue for players to continue their virtual adventures. Xbox gamers can already migrate their characters to the PC platform, and starting February 1, PS4 players will have the opportunity to transfer their characters as well.

The demise of APB Reloaded on consoles might have been foreseeable for many players. The game struggled to maintain its relevance in the face of fierce competition from free-to-play giants like Fortnite and Rocket League. Moreover, it paled in comparison to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto Online, which continues to dominate the online multiplayer landscape. Despite these challenges, the PC version of APB Reloaded will persist, ensuring that the game remains playable on at least one platform.

As the digital sun sets on APB Reloaded for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, players are left with a mix of nostalgia and anticipation for what lies ahead. The decision to shut down the console versions may mark the end of an era, but for those willing to adapt, the PC version promises to keep the spirit of APB Reloaded alive.

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