Controversial Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM Added to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

In a surprising turn of events, Rocksteady Studios has incorporated support for the controversial Denuvo anti-tamper DRM in the highly anticipated Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, just days before its scheduled release on February 2. This move comes on the heels of the studio’s attempt to grant early access to players who pre-ordered the Deluxe edition, a gesture that was marred by server shutdowns to address a bug affecting players’ story progress.

Fans of the Arkhamverse, already sceptical about Suicide Squad’s live-service model, have expressed concerns over the game’s integration of Denuvo DRM. The live-service approach, requiring constant online connectivity even during the single-player campaign, and the introduction of a battle pass and gear system, have previously generated significant controversy.

PCGamesN reports that a recent update on Suicide Squad’s Steam page revealed the addition of Denuvo anti-tamper software, raising eyebrows within the gaming community. The change list log on Steam DB, updated on Saturday, January 20, confirmed the inclusion of this third-party DRM.

Denuvo, a form of digital rights management (DRM) introduced in 2014, aims to safeguard a game’s source code from piracy and emulation. Widely used in the gaming industry, it has faced criticism for various reasons. Among the grievances are concerns about performance issues stemming from high CPU usage, potential damage to SSDs due to excessive reading and writing, and privacy risks related to its online requirements and kernel-level access to a user’s system.

The implementation of Denuvo DRM in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League adds another layer of contention to a game already under scrutiny. The gaming community, already divided on the live-service model and other controversial features, is likely to voice further concerns in the lead-up to the game’s official release.

Critics argue that Denuvo’s track record raises questions about the potential negative impact on players’ gaming experience. High CPU usage, degradation of SSDs, and privacy concerns have been cited as drawbacks associated with this form of DRM. With Suicide Squad already grappling with its fair share of criticisms, the decision to include Denuvo may further fuel the existing discontent among gamers.

The use of Denuvo has been a contentious issue within the gaming community, and its implementation in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League may prompt discussions about the balance between anti-piracy measures and the user experience. Developers often choose Denuvo for its effectiveness in preventing piracy, but the associated downsides have led to a vocal opposition from some players.

As the controversy surrounding Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the inclusion of Denuvo DRM will impact the game’s reception and whether Rocksteady will address the concerns raised by the gaming community. The forthcoming release on February 2 will undoubtedly be accompanied by intense scrutiny, and the response from both developers and players will shape the narrative surrounding this highly anticipated title.

In conclusion, the addition of Denuvo anti-tamper DRM to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has intensified the existing controversy surrounding the game. As the gaming community awaits the official release on February 2, the discussions around the impact of Denuvo on players’ experiences and the broader implications of such DRM measures are likely to persist. Rocksteady’s response to the concerns raised will play a crucial role in shaping the ongoing dialogue within the gaming community.

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