Destiny 2 Rectifies Reputation Bug and Introduces ‘Bonus Weeks’ for All Classes

In a recent announcement, Bungie confirmed the resolution of a reputation bug that had been a point of contention among Destiny 2 players. The studio has also revealed plans for ‘reputation bonus weeks’ across all classes as a gesture of goodwill. The issue, which emerged during Destiny 2 Echoes: Act 1, resulted in Titans and Hunters receiving disproportionately high reputation boosts from core activities, while Warlocks continued to accrue reputation at the intended rate.

The complication surfaced shortly after the launch of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, with Episode: Echoes acting as the narrative continuation. In Echoes Act 1, Guardians are tasked with returning to Nessus to pursue an Echo, a newly discovered source of immense power following the defeat of the Witness. This update introduced fresh story missions, weapons, gear, and Exotics, marking the onset of a new saga in Destiny 2. However, the excitement was tempered by the discovery of a bug that left Warlocks feeling side lined as their peers in the Titan and Hunter classes gained reputation rewards at an accelerated pace.

The Destiny 2 Team, via their Twitter account, announced on 9 July that the discrepancy had been addressed with the latest weekly reset. Moving forward, all three classes—Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks—will earn identical reputation points from core activities such as Crucible, Vanguard Ops, and Gambit. In addition, Bungie has planned ‘reputation bonus weeks’ for these core activities, ensuring a balanced experience across all classes as compensation. Although the studio has not specified a precise schedule for these bonus weeks, they have encouraged players to stay alert for forthcoming announcements.

Despite the resolution, the Destiny 2 community is divided. Some players expressed disappointment over the fix, advocating that the heightened reputation boosts should have been standardised and extended to Warlocks. Nonetheless, the forthcoming reputation boosts are anticipated with optimism, particularly for those engaged in high-level activities such as Grandmaster Nightfalls, which will now yield rewards more rapidly.

The upcoming release of Destiny 2 Episode: Echoes Act 2 on Tuesday, 16 July, is expected to bring further bug fixes. Similar to Act 1, the second act will introduce weekly story missions and additional content for players to delve into. It is plausible that the reputation bonus weeks will be scheduled during Echoes Act 2 or Act 3, with Bungie committed to providing timely updates as plans solidify.

The prompt action by Bungie to rectify the reputation imbalance demonstrates their ongoing commitment to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. As Destiny 2 continues to evolve, the studio’s responsiveness to community feedback remains crucial in fostering a dedicated and engaged player base.

With Echoes Act 2 on the horizon, players can look forward to new adventures and the possibility of more generous reputation rewards. Bungie’s promise of enhanced communication and updates will likely play a vital role in sustaining player engagement and enthusiasm in the dynamic world of Destiny 2.

As the saga progresses, the community remains hopeful that Bungie will continue to address issues swiftly and equitably, ensuring that all Guardians—regardless of class—can fully enjoy the rich and expansive universe that Destiny 2 offers.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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