Final Fantasy 7 Remake Patch Alters Closing Dialogue Leaving Fans Puzzled

Dedicated followers of the Final Fantasy franchise were left scratching their heads as a recent update to the beloved Final Fantasy 7 Remake unexpectedly tweaked the game’s final line, leaving players pondering the rationale behind the alteration.

As anticipation mounts for the imminent release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, set to debut this Thursday, enthusiasts find themselves in a state of both excitement and bewilderment following Square Enix’s unanticipated modification to the original game.

Comprising a multi-part endeavour, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is poised to pick up the narrative baton from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, continuing the saga as protagonists venture beyond the confines of the partially decimated Midgar.

The denouement of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a moment universally known to aficionados and thus, devoid of spoilers, features a poignant scene wherein the character Aerith gazes skyward at dusk, uttering the now-altered line, ‘I miss it. The steel sky.’ However, this familiar phrase has undergone an unexpected metamorphosis.

The original dialogue holds significance, symbolising Aerith’s longing for the true sky, obscured from her view due to the artificial plate sheltering Midgar’s upper echelons. It encapsulates her contemplation of the uncertain future and newfound liberation, embodied by Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s expansive open-world exploration.

In the latest iteration, Aerith’s poignant reflection has been replaced with the less evocative utterance, ‘This sky… I don’t like it.’ While conveying a similar sentiment, the revised line fails to capture the poetic resonance of its predecessor, leaving fans puzzled by the change.

Initial observations of the alteration surfaced on the gaming forum ResetEra, sparking a flurry of speculation amongst the fan community. However, consensus regarding the motive behind the amendment remains elusive, with conjecture leaning towards adherence to the original Japanese dialogue.

The intricacies of translation from Japanese to English often necessitate nuanced interpretation, resulting in dialogue discrepancies between versions. Yet, the specific targeting of this line for alteration remains enigmatic.

One plausible explanation for the adjustment is its incorporation into promotional material for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, as evidenced in a trailer snippet. However, this raises the question: why deviate from the established dialogue?

Additionally, the update introduces a minor change to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, aligning Tifa’s attire in a flashback scene with that depicted in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Unlike the alteration to Aerith’s dialogue, this adjustment appears relatively innocuous.

Ultimately, while the revised dialogue remains palatable, its rationale continues to perplex enthusiasts. The enigmatic nature of the alteration serves as a testament to the enduring intrigue and passion elicited by the Final Fantasy franchise.

In conclusion, as players eagerly await the forthcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, speculation surrounding the recent patch serves as a testament to the franchise’s enduring legacy, captivating audiences with its immersive storytelling and rich, multifaceted world.

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Sam Allcock
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