Fortnite Unleashes Weapon Mods: Personalizing Your Arsenal Like Never Before

In the ever-evolving world of Fortnite, where each week brings a fresh addition to the gaming experience, players are now presented with an exciting twist—weapon mods. While the game constantly introduces new skins, limited-time modes, and mechanics, the recent inclusion of weapon mods allows players to customize their favorite guns for a more personal touch during battles. However, the process of finding and installing these mods amidst the chaos of a match is no walk in the park. Fear not, as we guide you through the steps of modding your weapons before your next descent from the battle bus.

Understanding Weapon Mods

Fortnite’s weapon mods introduce a diverse range of enhancements, including scopes, magazines, barrels, and underbarrels. At present, there are 11 mods across these categories, each providing unique benefits. However, players can only install one mod per category, assuming they have the required resources. The current list of mods includes:


  1. Red Eye Sight – 1.15x scoped view
  2. Holo-13 Optic – 1.3x scoped view
  3. P2x Optic – 2x scoped view
  4. Sniper Scope – 4x scoped view


  1. Speed Magazine – faster reload speed
  2. Drum Magazine – larger magazine size


  1. Muzzle Break – lower recoil
  2. Suppressor – lower volume and muzzle flash


  1. Laser – better hipfire accuracy
  2. Vertical Foregrip – lower recoil when ADS
  3. Angled Foregrip – faster ADS speed

Unlike other loot scattered across the map, weapon mods are not found during gameplay. Players can only acquire and install mods by visiting one of five mod benches strategically placed around the map. These locations include:

  1. Lavish Lair
  2. Grand Glacier
  3. Reckless Railway
  4. Fencing Fields
  5. Snooty Steppes

But the challenge doesn’t end there. Players must first defeat the boss at the chosen location, obtain the Society Medallion it drops, and use it to gain access to the nearby vault. Only then can they interact with the mod bench and customize their weapon. It’s a multi-step process that adds an extra layer of complexity to the modding experience. Furthermore, players should be prepared to spend 75 Gold Bars for each mod installation, requiring strategic decision-making on which mods to prioritize.

Maximizing Efficiency

To streamline the modding process, players can adopt a more efficient approach by selecting higher-tier weapons. Uncommon weapons come pre-equipped with a single mod, Rare weapons have two, Epic weapons boast three, and Legendary weapons flaunt an impressive four mods. Choosing a better-quality weapon initially reduces the need for additional spending on mods, providing a cost-effective strategy for enhancing your arsenal.

Fortnite enthusiasts now have the opportunity to take their gameplay to the next level with the introduction of weapon mods. The ability to tailor weapons to individual preferences adds a new layer of strategy and personalization to the ever-popular battle royale game. As the Fortnite universe continues to evolve, players can look forward to more exciting innovations that redefine the gaming experience. Will you emerge victorious with your customized arsenal, or will the competition outsmart you in this new era of Fortnite warfare? The battle bus awaits, and the choice is yours.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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