Hypercharge: Unboxed to Introduce Cross-Platform Support with Upcoming Xbox Release

Digital Cybercherries, the esteemed British independent developer, has announced a significant update for its acclaimed co-op shooter, Hypercharge: Unboxed. The game is set to receive cross-platform support, a feature eagerly anticipated by its dedicated fanbase. This development coincides with the game’s imminent launch on Xbox consoles, promising to enhance the multiplayer experience by fostering a more diverse and active player community.

A Long-Awaited Feature

Hypercharge: Unboxed has garnered a substantial following since its initial debut in 2017 as part of Steam’s early access programme. The game offers a unique perspective, placing players in the roles of miniature action figures battling waves of toy enemies in everyday settings such as bedrooms and garages. After its full release on Nintendo Switch in January 2020, followed by a PC release in April of the same year, the game was met with positive reviews for its inventive gameplay and charming aesthetics. However, one feature that many fans desired was cross-platform play, which until now had remained conspicuously absent.

In an announcement on the Steam Community forums, Digital Cybercherries confirmed that cross-platform support between Steam and Xbox players would be available from 31 May 2024. This update aligns with the game’s launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, allowing players across these platforms to join forces in their quest to protect the Hypercores. The developers expressed their enthusiasm in the announcement, highlighting the enhanced cooperative experience this update would bring.

Delayed Integration for Switch and PlayStation

While the introduction of cross-platform support is a significant milestone, not all players will benefit immediately. Nintendo Switch users, who have enjoyed the game since its 2020 release, will need to exercise patience. In a discussion thread on Steam, a developer from Digital Cybercherries revealed that there is currently “no ETA” for when the Switch version will receive crossplay and other major updates to align it with the PC version. Although Switch players are assured that cross-platform functionality will eventually be implemented, the timeline remains uncertain.

PlayStation users are also in a waiting period, as the game is yet to be released on PS4 and PS5. Digital Cybercherries has confirmed that cross-play will be available once the game launches on these platforms. However, the release window for PlayStation versions has not been specified, leaving eager fans without a concrete timeline.

Expanding the Player Base

The addition of cross-platform support is expected to significantly boost the player base of Hypercharge: Unboxed. The game’s forthcoming release on Xbox is likely to attract a surge of new players, ensuring a robust and dynamic multiplayer environment. This update is particularly timely, as it will facilitate a more seamless and inclusive gaming experience, bridging the gap between PC and Xbox communities.

Despite the staggered rollout of cross-platform support across different consoles, the inclusion of this feature marks a pivotal development in the game’s evolution. When Hypercharge: Unboxed launches on Xbox at the end of May 2024, it will join an impressive roster of cooperative shooters available on the platform, further solidifying its status in the gaming community.

Future Prospects

As Hypercharge: Unboxed continues to expand its reach, the prospect of full cross-platform integration across all major consoles remains an exciting future development. For now, the upcoming Xbox release and the addition of cross-platform support represent significant steps forward. These enhancements not only promise to invigorate the current player base but also pave the way for a more interconnected and enduring gaming experience.

In conclusion, Digital Cybercherries’ commitment to enhancing Hypercharge: Unboxed with cross-platform support underscores the game’s ongoing evolution and its potential for broader appeal. As the game launches on Xbox consoles and eventually on PlayStation, the cooperative shooter is poised to attract a diverse and enthusiastic community of players, ensuring its longevity and continued success in the competitive indie game market.

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