Monster Hunter Rise Update Sparks Outcry as Steam Deck Compatibility Falters

In an unexpected turn of events, the latest update to Capcom’s critically acclaimed Monster Hunter Rise has stirred controversy, leaving players disgruntled and the game’s Steam Deck compatibility in disarray. Released just months ahead of the game’s three-year anniversary, the 16.0.2 update brought about a significant change by replacing the widely-used Denuvo Anti Tamper with Enigma DRM, leading to an unforeseen backlash from the gaming community.

The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise landed on Steam in January 2022, accompanied by the controversial Denuvo Anti Tamper. Although met with criticism by some fans, the usage of Denuvo was not unprecedented in the gaming world, as previous Capcom titles, including Monster Hunter World, also embraced the DRM solution.

The situation took an unexpected turn on January 22 with the release of the 16.0.2 update. While the patch seemingly removed Denuvo from the game, it replaced it with The Enigma Protector, another digital rights management solution that has triggered a cascade of issues. Twitter user DakaRFT first identified the change by scrutinizing the Monster Hunter Rise 16.0.2 executable with a hex editor.

One of the most significant consequences of this DRM switch is the break in compatibility with Valve’s handheld console, the Steam Deck. The Enigma Protector, dating back to 2004, is designed specifically for licensing Windows software, making it inherently incompatible with Linux. As SteamOS is based on the Arch Linux distro, the switch to Enigma has left numerous players unable to run Monster Hunter Rise on the Steam Deck after applying the 16.0.2 update.

Capcom swiftly responded to the mounting complaints, acknowledging the Steam Deck compatibility issues and promising a thorough investigation. The developer expressed regret for any inconvenience caused by the situation. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Capcom has faced controversy regarding Enigma; a similar move recently led to Resident Evil: Revelations being review-bombed, a remarkable event considering the game’s 11-year-old release.

Social media platforms have become a battleground for disappointed fans expressing their dissatisfaction with the update. Many argue that instead of replacing DRM measures with an even more restrictive solution, Capcom should be considering removing such shackles from a three-year-old game. However, in a somewhat reassuring development, popular Capcom modder FluffyQuack reported that the transition to Enigma did not disrupt the game’s invalidation-style and PAK mods.

In the official patch notes for the 16.0.2 update, Capcom listed the collaborations that could no longer be downloaded, signalling further disruptions caused by the DRM change. Players who had already downloaded certain content were assured they could continue using it, but redownloading was no longer an option. The affected collaborations included events such as “Gotta Hoard Fast!” and downloadable Palicos like “MEOW LIMIT!” and “Yasu.”

The issues reported in version were also detailed, with a notable mention of the game’s malfunction on the Steam Deck. Capcom’s development team is actively investigating this problem and has promised to provide updates as soon as more information becomes available. The company reiterated its apology for any inconvenience caused to the player base.

As the Monster Hunter Rise community awaits further developments, it remains to be seen how Capcom will address the growing discontent surrounding the unexpected consequences of the 16.0.2 update. The incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance game developers must strike when implementing anti-piracy measures, considering both the security of their intellectual property and the user experience of their player base.

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