New Guardians of the Galaxy Skins Leaked for Fortnite

A recent leak in the Fortnite gaming community has unveiled exciting new additions to the game’s ever-expanding roster of skins. This time, it’s a crossover fans have been eagerly anticipating: Guardians of the Galaxy.

The leak, courtesy of Fortnite insider Hypex, brings to light three new skins inspired by the beloved Marvel characters. Players can soon expect to don the personas of Drax, Groot, and Mantis as they battle it out on the virtual battlefield. Alongside these character skins, the leak also hints at a range of accompanying accessories, including back blings and pickaxes, adding further depth and customisation options for players.

The reveal of these Guardians of the Galaxy skins follows a breadcrumb trail left by a recent LEGO Fortnite update. Fans keen-eyed enough to spot LEGO renditions of Drax and Groot within the update’s key art were given a tantalising taste of what’s to come. This crossover, nestled within an update that introduced new vehicle builds and additional Fortnite-LEGO skin iterations, promises to inject fresh excitement into the game.

Each Guardian skin is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of its respective character. Drax and Mantis are faithfully rendered in their iconic attire, while Young Adult Groot stands tall in his distinctive form. Not stopping at mere aesthetics, these skins come bundled with thematic accessories. Drax’s Blades pickaxe and back bling, Groot’s Flora Colossus Fist pickaxe and Gamepad back bling, and Mantis’s Insectoid Claws pickaxe and Lil Abilisk back bling provide players with a comprehensive thematic experience.

Moreover, the addition of emotes such as the Potted Groot Dance and Zargnut Invisibility further enriches the gameplay experience, offering players new ways to express themselves in the virtual realm.

However, it’s worth noting that these coveted items may come with a different acquisition method than what players are accustomed to. Leakers speculate that the Guardians of the Galaxy bundle, comprising the skins, accessories, and emotes, may be available for purchase using real currency rather than the in-game V-Bucks currency.

The emergence of these Guardians of the Galaxy skins coincides with a larger narrative of collaboration between Fortnite developer Epic Games and entertainment giant Disney. Following a significant partnership announcement in February, which saw Disney investing £1.5 billion in Epic Games, fans have eagerly anticipated the fruits of this union. The integration of popular Disney franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar into the Fortnite universe represents a synergistic convergence of two entertainment powerhouses.

In addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy crossover, leakers have also uncovered details of an upcoming Nike collaboration set to hit Fortnite. Dubbed the Airphoria Volume 2 bundle, this collaboration promises to introduce a fresh wave of skins and accessories inspired by the renowned sportswear brand.

As the Fortnite landscape continues to evolve with each update, players can look forward to a wealth of exciting new content, collaborations, and experiences. Whether battling as intergalactic heroes or showcasing the latest in athletic fashion, Fortnite remains at the forefront of gaming innovation, captivating audiences worldwide.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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