No Return’s New Rogue Mode Unleashes Peril and Strategy

In a surprising twist for fans of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, the game introduces an intriguing new roguelike mode called “No Return.” This mode takes players on a challenging journey where they must endure various encounters, culminating in a final showdown with a formidable boss. What sets it apart is the catch: you only have one life. Once you die, it’s game over, and you must start anew, losing all the progress and items collected in previous runs. In the perilous world of No Return, strategic choices regarding weapons and upgrades can mean the difference between survival and an abrupt end.

Arm Yourself Strategically

Among the plethora of weapons available, opting for a fully-kitted weapon should be a no-brainer. Whether acquired from the Trading Post or as a reward for a Dead Drop, these fully-equipped weapons can significantly ease the challenges you face, provided you use them wisely. The importance of cherishing such opportunities cannot be overstated.

Double Barrel Shotgun: A Simple Yet Potent Choice

The Double Barrel Shotgun emerges as a frequent find in the Trading Post, offering simplicity and effectiveness. Its high burst damage can be a game-changer when faced with overwhelming situations, especially against formidable enemies like Bloaters and Seraphite brutes.

For this trusty companion, prioritizing the Damage upgrade is crucial, significantly enhancing its power, especially against bosses. However, for early encounters with standard foes, opting for Reload Speed as the initial upgrade might prove more beneficial.

Stealthy Approach with the Bow

For players who prefer a stealthy approach, the Bow is the weapon of choice, capable of silently eliminating enemies. Though not as common in the Trading Post, its ability to craft explosive arrows makes it a valuable asset against elites and bosses. However, caution is advised in close quarters, as the Bow may not excel in confined spaces.

To maximize the Bow’s efficiency, investing in the Draw Speed upgrade is paramount. This ensures quick arrow release in critical situations. Subsequently, upgrading Stability aids in aligning shots with precision.

Dominance with the Hunting Pistol

The Hunting Pistol stands out as a monstrously powerful sidearm, dispatching elite enemies swiftly and inflicting substantial damage on bosses. While it frequently appears in the Trading Post, players should seize the opportunity to wield this devastating firearm. Its single-shot loading nature demands precision, so maintaining a safe distance from adversaries is crucial.

Prioritizing the Damage upgrade for the Hunting Pistol ensures each shot packs a punch, chipping away at the enemy’s health effectively. Following this, enhancing Stability becomes imperative to facilitate accurate shot placement.

Precision at a Distance with the Bolt-Action Rifle

The Bolt-Action Rifle combines high damage with exceptional accuracy, making it an ideal choice for eliminating enemies from a distance. Found relatively commonly in the Trading Post, this weapon becomes less effective when foes close in, necessitating a switch to a shotgun or pistol.

For the Bolt-Action Rifle, prioritizing the Stability upgrade is key for lining up precise, long-range shots. Since the goal is often one-shot-kill headshots, the Damage upgrade can be deferred to the second enhancement, ensuring it’s in place before confronting formidable bosses.

Surviving the Perils of No Return

In the unforgiving world of No Return, mastering the art of weapon selection and upgrades is essential for survival. Whether opting for the brute force of the Double Barrel Shotgun, the stealthy precision of the Bow, the raw power of the Hunting Pistol, or the calculated accuracy of the Bolt-Action Rifle, each choice carries its own set of risks and rewards. The key lies in adapting your strategy to the challenges presented, making each run a unique and thrilling experience in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered’s latest roguelike offering. As players venture into the unknown, armed with their chosen arsenal, the question remains: Can they navigate the treacherous path of No Return and emerge victorious against the ultimate adversary? Only time will tell.

Elliot Preece
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