Outcast: A New Beginning Collector’s Edition Unveiled for Long-Awaited Sequel

After two decades of anticipation, Outcast enthusiasts have reason to rejoice as THQ Nordic announces the release of a brand-new sequel. To mark this momentous occasion, the publisher is offering a highly exclusive collector’s edition – a tantalizing treat for dedicated fans and newcomers alike.

Titled “Outcast: A New Beginning,” the collector’s edition promises an immersive experience beyond the digital realm. Priced at $200, this limited edition, named the “Adelpha Edition,” boasts an array of enticing extras that will undoubtedly appeal to ardent followers of the Outworld saga.

The centrepiece of the Adelpha Edition is a meticulously crafted, nine-inch-tall statue of Sai, one of the captivating creatures encountered in the Outworld sequel. With its hauntingly detailed paintwork and eyes that seem to gaze into the soul, this lifelike representation adds a touch of the alien planet’s mystique to your personal space. The decorative base, a fitting stage for Sai, enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the statue.

Accompanying the statue are other exclusive items, ensuring a comprehensive package for fans. The steelbook case provides a protective and visually striking housing for the game, while audio CDs and a hardcover art book offer additional sensory delights. These extras not only cater to the fans’ anticipation for the sequel but also contribute to the immersive experience of Outcast: A New Beginning.

Enthusiasts should act swiftly, as THQ Nordic has revealed that only 5,000 units of the Adelpha Edition will be produced. This limited run adds an element of exclusivity, making each collector’s edition a unique treasure for those lucky enough to secure one. Preorders are currently open on Amazon, providing an opportunity for fans to secure their piece of Outcast history.

In a nod to the game’s evolution, THQ Nordic has shared an intriguing detail about the collector’s edition. Some items within the collection retain the original Outcast 2 branding, a decision made in alignment with the publisher’s sustainability commitments. These artefacts serve as a symbolic bridge connecting the game’s past to its exciting future, offering collectors a tangible link to the Outworld’s rich history.

Outcast: A New Beginning is scheduled for an official release on March 15, 2023. The eagerly awaited sequel will be available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Set against the captivating backdrop of the alien planet Adelpha, players will once again immerse themselves in a world of wonder as they aid the native Talans in their struggle against formidable invading robot forces.

As the countdown to the launch date begins, anticipation for the sequel reaches new heights. The Adelpha Edition stands as a testament to THQ Nordic’s commitment to delivering a truly exceptional experience for Outcast enthusiasts, blending elements of nostalgia with the promise of a thrilling new chapter in the beloved franchise. Secure your collector’s edition now to embark on this extraordinary journey into the heart of the Outworld.

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