Rebirth Island Teased for Return in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3

Speculation is rife among Call of Duty: Warzone enthusiasts as dataminers uncover tantalising evidence hinting at the potential return of Rebirth Island in the upcoming Season 3, slated for an early April launch.

The anticipation stems from revelations made back in October by Call of Duty, which announced the planned return of both Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island to Warzone during the course of 2024. While Fortune’s Keep has already made its comeback with the recent Season 2 update, the exact release date for Rebirth Island has been shrouded in mystery, with the only indication being that it would resurface “later in 2024.” However, recent findings by vigilant dataminers suggest that fans might have reason to mark their calendars sooner rather than later.

Following the deployment of the Season 2 update, astute Warzone dataminers delved into the game’s files, uncovering a plethora of references to Rebirth Island. Most notably, file names such as “s3_rebirth” have been unearthed, leading to fervent speculation that Rebirth Island will indeed make its triumphant return in Warzone Season 3. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to exercise restraint and refrain from jumping to conclusions until an official confirmation regarding Rebirth Island’s release date is provided by Call of Duty. For the uninitiated, Rebirth Island made its debut as the second map in Warzone, offering a compact battleground set on an island reminiscent of Alcatraz.

The prospect of Rebirth Island’s return is met with enthusiasm, as the map’s smaller size and reduced player count provided an exhilarating yet manageable gameplay experience, striking a delicate balance between frenetic action and strategic engagement. It is widely anticipated that Rebirth Island will incorporate Warzone’s Resurgence mode, akin to Fortune’s Keep, and potentially integrate with the new Ranked Resurgence mode introduced in the latest update.

With the recent launch of Call of Duty’s Season 2, Warzone aficionados can already immerse themselves in the revamped Fortune’s Keep, featuring a plethora of new and redesigned Points of Interest (POIs). Notably, the updated Fortune’s Keep boasts a mysterious secret vault awaiting discovery by intrepid players. Although Call of Duty has hinted at a potential connection between the vault and the Keep’s throne room, the contents of this enigmatic chamber remain a subject of speculation, with theories ranging from valuable loot to coveted Wonder Weapons and Zombies Power Ups introduced in the Season 2 update.

Moreover, Call of Duty enthusiasts can anticipate the return of the PDS field upgrade later in Season 2, reinstating a feature removed in 2022 that granted temporary immunity to gas exposure, fostering intriguing tactical possibilities. Another eagerly awaited addition to Warzone’s arsenal is the Research Vessel POI on Fortune’s Keep, promising a sprawling ship poised to anchor off the island’s coast, further diversifying the gameplay landscape.

As the countdown to Warzone Season 3 commences, the gaming community remains on tenterhooks, eagerly awaiting further developments and official announcements from Call of Duty. The potential resurgence of Rebirth Island, coupled with the introduction of new features and POIs, heralds an exciting chapter in the evolution of Warzone, promising thrills aplenty for players worldwide.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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