Secrets Unveiled: Warzone’s Fortune’s Keep Map in Season 2 Holds Hidden Vault

As Call of Duty enthusiasts gear up for the highly anticipated launch of Season 2 on February 7, a buzz of excitement surrounds the revelation that the revamped Fortune’s Keep map will conceal a secret vault for intrepid players to uncover.

The original iteration of Fortune’s Keep, introduced in 2022, tantalized gamers with its concealed nooks and crannies, encouraging exploration beyond the conventional battlegrounds. From throwing Throwing Knives at dart board bullseyes to more intricate tasks like strategically placing discovered wine bottles, the map offered a diverse range of secrets. Now, with the forthcoming Season 2, it appears that the fan-favourite map will continue this tradition, presenting players with more enigmatic areas to unravel.

A recent tweet from the renowned Call of Duty news source, charlieINTEL, indicated that the upcoming Fortune’s Keep will house a clandestine vault. Although the 2022 version also featured a secret vault, it remains unclear whether this will be a novel addition or a recycled secret. The official Call of Duty blog teased the Keep POI’s throne room as being “riddled with secrets,” hinting at a hidden treasure lying beneath its regal facade. Notably, the 2022 secret vault was located within the Keep POI but was unrelated to its throne room, suggesting that Season 2’s secret area will bring fresh challenges for players to unravel.

As the specifics of the vault’s location remain shrouded in mystery, speculation suggests that the Keep’s throne room could be a potential starting point for this intriguing Easter egg. The allure of discovering secret areas in Call of Duty maps has always been augmented by the promise of valuable loot, and the secret vault in Fortune’s Keep is expected to follow suit.

Inside this covert repository, players are likely to find high-value loot, possibly featuring Season 2’s new Warzone Wonder Weapons or Zombies Power Ups. With the imminent release of Warzone’s Season 2 update, the stakes are higher than ever. In addition to the secret vault, players can anticipate the Eradication Contract, squad wipe streaks, weekly Zombie targets, and a plethora of other additions that promise to elevate the gaming experience.

This revelation may not come as a shock to seasoned Warzone aficionados who have previously stumbled upon hidden areas in other maps. Examples include the discovery of a secret zone in Warzone’s Vondel, where resourceful players employed rebreathers to navigate a winding underwater tunnel. At the tunnel’s terminus, a ladder unveiled a clandestine room teeming with loot and providing a secure sanctuary for strategizing.

Another instance of a secret vault was unearthed in Warzone’s Rebirth Island Reinforced, requiring players to complete a series of straightforward yet perilous tasks within the frenetic landscape. Those who triumphed were generously rewarded with substantial cash and a loadout drop.

As the Warzone community eagerly anticipates the release of Season 2 on February 7, the contents of the secret vault in Fortune’s Keep remain a tantalizing mystery. Players are likely to engage in extensive exploration and experimentation on the redesigned map, eager to unveil the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

In conclusion, Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone promises not only intense firefights and thrilling challenges but also a treasure trove of secrets waiting to be discovered. The addition of a secret vault in Fortune’s Keep only adds to the intrigue, beckoning players to embark on a quest for high-value loot and uncharted territories. As the countdown to February 7 continues, the Warzone community is poised for an exhilarating new chapter in the ever-evolving landscape of this beloved game.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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