Setting Sail: Navigating Ship Ownership and Customisation in Sea of Thieves

Ahoy, pirates and scallywags! The latest season of Sea of Thieves has unfurled its sails, beckoning players back into the rollicking world of plunder and adventure on the high seas. For both seasoned buccaneers and fresh-faced sailors, securing and personalising your vessel is paramount. Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to acquire and tailor your ship to match your swashbuckling style.

Procuring Your Seafaring Vessel

Before you can set sail on the azure expanse, you’ll need a trusty vessel to call your own. In the realm of Sea of Thieves, ships come in three distinct classes: the nimble Sloop, the versatile Brigantine, and the formidable Galleon. The choice of vessel hinges on the size of your crew, with each accommodating crews of varying sizes – from solo adventurers to bustling crews of four.

However, don’t expect to waltz into the shipyard and snag one of these maritime marvels without a hefty purse of gold. Prices range from a modest 250,000 gold pieces for the modest Sloop to a princely 500,000 gold pieces for the imposing Galleon. For fledgling pirates, this may entail some diligent plundering before the coffers swell sufficiently to afford such a purchase.

Setting course for ship ownership is a straightforward affair:

  1. Launch Sea of Thieves: Navigate past the opening cinematic to the main menu and select ‘Play’.
  2. Choose Your Voyage: Opt for either ‘Adventure’ or ‘A Pirate’s Life’ to access the ship-selection screen.
  3. Select Your Ship: Navigate to ‘My Ships’ at the centre of the screen.
  4. Purchase Your Vessel: Click on ‘Purchase Ship’ and select the type of ship that best suits your crew.
  5. Bestow a Moniker: Give your ship a name – remember to keep it under 20 characters and steer clear of unsavoury language.
  6. Confirm and Set Sail: Confirm the purchase, and behold – your ship awaits your command on the open seas!

Personalising Your Pride and Joy

Now that you possess a seaworthy vessel, it’s time to imbue it with your personal flair. Ship customisation in Sea of Thieves offers a trifecta of options: ship customisations, ship decorations, and trinkets. From hull to helm, you can tailor every facet of your ship’s appearance to reflect your piratical panache.

  1. Ship Customisations: These alterations encompass the fundamental components of your vessel – the hull, wheel, and sails. Visit the chest next to the shipwright and select ‘Ship Customisation’ to begin your aesthetic overhaul. For a fee, you can establish your preferred customisations as the default for your ship, ensuring that every voyage is a reflection of your unique style.
  2. Ship Decorations: Delve into the finer details by embellishing the interior of your ship with bespoke decorations. Transform mundane fixtures like tables, beds, and rugs into opulent displays of your seafaring sophistication. Additional customisation options can be procured from the Emporium, Shipwright, and various trading company vendors.
  3. Trinkets: These coveted collectibles serve as the crowning jewels of your maritime domain. Acquired from the shipwright, trinkets range from prestigious trophies to whimsical ornaments. Strategically place these treasures around your vessel to showcase your accomplishments or simply add a touch of whimsy to your maritime abode.

With trinkets in hand, explore your ship to uncover prime locations for their display. Whether adorning shelves, gracing windowsills, or punctuating bare walls, each trinket adds a unique flourish to your nautical sanctuary.

Charting a Course for Adventure

In the boundless expanse of Sea of Thieves, the journey is as rewarding as the destination. As you embark on your piratical escapades, remember that your ship is more than just a vessel – it’s an extension of your seafaring spirit. Whether engaging in daring raids or unfurling the sails of exploration, let your ship stand as a testament to your indomitable will and boundless imagination.

As the tides of fortune ebb and flow, may your ship weather every storm and emerge victorious on the sun-kissed horizon. Fair winds and following seas, fellow mariners, for the adventure awaits on the shimmering waters of Sea of Thieves.

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