Stellar Blade Garners 18+ Rating: Korean Committee Deems Game Inappropriate for Young Audiences

Shift Up’s much-anticipated PlayStation 5-exclusive action RPG, Stellar Blade, has stirred controversy with its recent 18+ rating in Korea. The decision, issued by the country’s Game Management Committee, cited adult themes, excessive violence, and suggestive content as grounds for the restrictive rating, potentially limiting the game’s accessibility to a wider audience.

While the news might not shock avid followers closely tracking Stellar Blade’s development, it undoubtedly raises concerns for some prospective players. Early glimpses of the game through screenshots and trailers reveal a protagonist clad in form-fitting attire, leaving little to the imagination. Shift Up, the developer behind the title, openly acknowledged the meticulous attention devoted to crafting Eve’s physique, with specific emphasis on her posterior – a focal point for players throughout the gaming experience.

Eve’s character design draws inspiration from Korean model Jae-eun, as disclosed by Shift Up in an interview with Push Square. The studio’s objective? To fashion the “most attractive-looking body” conceivable, offering players an aesthetically pleasing focal point. Furthermore, Stellar Blade promises an array of approximately 30 costumes, presumed to range from modest to revealing, providing ample customisation options. Accessories such as glasses and earrings for Eve, along with costumes for secondary characters Adam and Lily, further enrich the game’s wardrobe selection.

However, it’s not merely the suggestive attire that prompted Stellar Blade’s 18+ rating in Korea. The Game Management Committee highlighted instances of gratuitous violence, complete with depictions of red blood and mutilation, as contributing factors. Machine-translated excerpts from the rating decision even suggest that certain costumes worn by Eve verge on nudity, amplifying concerns over the game’s suitability for younger audiences.

While Europe and the United States have yet to issue official ratings for Stellar Blade, industry insiders speculate that a PEGI 18 and an M rating are plausible, given Korea’s stringent classification. Surprisingly, the prospect of an adult rating hasn’t deterred enthusiasts; on social media platforms, many perceive Stellar Blade’s 18+ designation as a positive attribute, potentially enhancing its allure.

The interpretation of what constitutes excessive vulgarity, suggestive content, or violence remains subjective. Notably, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League garnered an 18+ rating in Singapore due to its graphic violence and language, illustrating the variability of censorship standards across regions. Indeed, for certain titles, mature ratings serve as a badge of honour rather than a deterrent. Some argue that mature themes and visceral content are integral to storytelling, fostering immersive narratives unencumbered by censorship.

As Stellar Blade’s release draws nearer, the question lingers: Has the game earned its mature rating to enhance narrative depth, or is it merely a ploy to captivate audiences with titillation? Only time will unveil the true intentions behind the game’s classification, but for now, the controversy surrounding Stellar Blade underscores the ongoing debate surrounding artistic expression and societal norms in the realm of gaming.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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