Street Fighter 6: More Guest Characters Rumoured to Join the Roster

The celebrated fighting game Street Fighter 6 may soon be welcoming an array of new guest characters, according to recent rumours. This news comes from a former Capcom affiliate, hinting at an exciting expansion that has sent ripples through the gaming community. The game, which has captured the hearts of fighting game enthusiasts since its release last summer, could see a further evolution in its roster.

Initially launched with 18 characters, Street Fighter 6 has consistently expanded its lineup, keeping the community engaged and anticipatory. The first DLC season brought back fan-favourites such as Akuma and introduced new characters like A.K.I., alongside more recent additions like Rashid and Ed.

The speculation surrounding additional guest characters intensified following the Summer Game Fest 2024 livestream, where Capcom unveiled its plans for Season 2. The reveal trailer showcased the return of Capoeira master Elena, a fresh iteration of the iconic villain M. Bison, and a surprising crossover with Fatal Fury characters Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui. This marks the first time Street Fighter has incorporated guest characters from another franchise directly into its main roster, a move that has sparked considerable excitement and speculation among fans.

Rumours of More Guest Fighters

The whispers of further guest characters emerged from a now-deleted series of posts on Twitter and Discord, shared by an ex-Capcom partner. Although these posts were quickly removed, screenshots and discussions proliferated across social media and forums, notably r/GamingLeaksAndRumours. According to the source, the addition of Terry and Mai from Fatal Fury might be just the beginning, with more crossovers potentially on the horizon in the third DLC season.

The leaker, who later apologised for prematurely sharing these rumours, mentioned Tekken as a potential collaborator for future guest characters. This isn’t unprecedented, given the historical crossover in 2012’s Street Fighter X Tekken, which allowed characters from both franchises to clash.

A Growing Trend in Fighting Games

The inclusion of guest characters is a well-established trend in the fighting game genre. Tekken 7 set a notable precedent with the introduction of characters like Negan from The Walking Dead, Geese Howard from Fatal Fury, and Street Fighter’s own Akuma. Similarly, NetherRealm Studios has integrated notable figures such as Homelander from The Boys into Mortal Kombat 1.

Capcom appears to be embracing this trend with the integration of Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui, potentially opening the door for more iconic characters from other franchises to join Street Fighter 6. This strategic move not only revitalises the game with fresh dynamics but also attracts a broader audience by tapping into the fan bases of other popular titles.

Community Reactions and Speculations

The gaming community’s response to these developments has been largely enthusiastic, though some remain cautious given the speculative nature of the information. Fans on social media platforms and gaming forums are abuzz with theories about which characters could join the roster next. The prospect of Tekken fighters entering the Street Fighter 6 arena has particularly intrigued many, considering the rich history and distinct fighting styles that could be brought into the game.

However, some fans have expressed mixed feelings, with concerns about balance and the potential for overshadowing the core Street Fighter characters. The leaker’s apology and the admitted motive behind the rumours – disappointment over the existing Fatal Fury characters – further underline the importance of approaching these claims with a degree of scepticism.

Looking Ahead

As the buzz around Street Fighter 6 and its potential guest characters continues to build, Capcom remains tight-lipped about future DLC plans. The company’s strategic decisions will undoubtedly shape the game’s trajectory and its standing within the competitive fighting game community.

Should these rumours hold any truth, the introduction of additional guest characters could significantly enhance the game’s appeal and longevity. On the other hand, Capcom must navigate the challenge of integrating these characters seamlessly while maintaining the game’s balance and integrity.

In conclusion, the potential expansion of Street Fighter 6’s roster with more guest characters is an exciting prospect that has the gaming world on edge. As fans await official confirmation, the speculation itself has reinvigorated interest in the game, showcasing the enduring appeal and adaptability of the Street Fighter franchise. Only time will tell which new warriors will join the fray, but the anticipation alone underscores the game’s vibrant and engaged community.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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