The Finals Faces Cheating Scandal: Players Demand Swift Action Against Unfair Practices

In a disturbing turn of events, The Finals, the highly acclaimed combat-centric video game developed by Embark Studios, is grappling with a surge in cheaters that threatens the integrity of its competitive gameplay. As frustrated players seek a level playing field in ranked matches, concerns about the effectiveness of anti-cheat measures are on the rise.

The revelation came to light when a Finals player, who goes by the username Nieoh, took matters into their own hands by exposing a cheater through a demo reel. The footage demonstrated the cheater’s blatant use of cheats during a ranked match, showcasing actions such as shooting bullets into the sky without apparent targets yet still securing eliminations. This disconcerting trend appears to be escalating, with Nieoh reporting an increasing number of encounters with cheaters, particularly after reaching higher ranks in the game.

In an attempt to shed light on the severity of the issue, Nieoh disclosed that out of the six ranked tournaments played, a staggering five had at least one player employing cheats. The frustration among players is palpable, with many expressing their discontent in the comments section of Nieoh’s post on Reddit. Some players argue that the growing prevalence of cheaters is significantly eroding the quality of the ranked experience, tarnishing the reputation of The Finals as one of the standout competitive multiplayer games of 2023.

The video shared by Nieoh exposes not only the audacity of cheaters but also their audacious attempts to profit from their illicit activities. The cheater in question was reportedly offering rank boosts at the cost of $5 per game. This revelation has sparked concerns among the player base that unscrupulous individuals are exploiting the game’s popularity for financial gain.

Embark Studios, the developer behind The Finals, has previously acknowledged the existence of a cheating problem within the game. In response to player concerns, the studio assured the community that a fix was in progress. Technical challenges were cited as the primary obstacle to swiftly banning cheaters, but the developers were confident that a solution was imminent. Players were assured that the studio was committed to providing a secure and fair gaming environment.

The timing of this scandal is crucial for Embark Studios, as The Finals recently celebrated a significant milestone—reaching 10 million players. However, the dark cloud of cheating threatens to overshadow this achievement and jeopardize the game’s continued success. The gaming community, passionate about The Finals’ competitive spirit, is closely watching for the promised fix to be implemented promptly and effectively.

As the player base anxiously awaits resolution, concerns about the impact of the cheating scandal on The Finals’ popularity loom large. Players are expressing a collective desire for swift and decisive actions against those compromising the game’s integrity. The fate of The Finals, and its standing as a premier competitive multiplayer game, hangs in the balance as players and developers grapple with the challenges posed by an influx of cheaters.

In the coming days, the gaming community will be closely monitoring developments, hoping that the measures taken by Embark Studios will not only curb the current wave of cheating but also serve as a deterrent for future wrongdoers. The Finals has captured the hearts of millions, and its community remains resilient in their pursuit of a fair and enjoyable gaming experience. Only time will tell if the developers can successfully navigate these turbulent waters and restore The Finals to its deserved status as a beacon of competitive gaming excellence.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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