The Finals Unveils HotFix 1.2.3: A Game-Changing Update Enhancing Matchmaking and Squashing Bugs

In a swift response to the feedback from The Finals’ gaming community, Embark Studios has rolled out HotFix 1.2.3, aiming to enhance the overall gaming experience by addressing reported bugs and fine-tuning the matchmaking system. This comes hot on the heels of the recently released HotFix 1.2.2 and just a week following the game’s official launch, which has seen The Finals surpassing even the giant in the industry, Call of Duty, on the Steam platform.

Despite the game’s remarkable success post-Season 1 launch, not every member of the gaming community is singing praises. Mixed reviews at launch point towards perceived changes that left some players discontented. Nevertheless, the game’s popularity is undeniable, with an increasing player base expressing confidence in the potential for further improvements through ongoing support from Embark Studios.

HotFix 1.2.3, the latest in a series of updates, targets reported glitches and issues raised by the gaming community. Skill-based matchmaking receives a significant overhaul, promising more balanced and enjoyable matches. Among the notable fixes is the resolution of Steam login problems that previously resulted in players receiving inaccurate ban messages. Additionally, the HotFix rectifies issues with timers in the in-game store and tackles backfilling problems in Quick Cash and Bank It modes, a persistent concern for players.

While the number of changes may seem relatively few, the impact of these adjustments is expected to be substantial. Skill-based matchmaking, a crucial component in online gaming, can significantly influence the overall gaming experience. Embark Studios acknowledges that matchmaking times may see a slight increase, but the trade-off is anticipated to be more closely contested and enjoyable matches for players.

The journey of The Finals, from a surprise drop at The Game Awards to subsequent updates, has kept the developers at Embark Studios busy. The promise of an exhilarating first-person shooter with destructible environments generated considerable curiosity, particularly after a successful beta period. The community’s enthusiasm has only intensified since the game’s official release, despite facing some initial challenges.

Criticism surfaced on Steam reviews, with players expressing dissatisfaction about perceived reductions in movement speed. Embark Studios responded by asserting that movement speed had not been altered, suggesting that factors such as animations and specific settings might be influencing players’ perceptions. The game also faced scrutiny for AI voices, yet The Finals has managed to captivate a substantial player base, evident in its impressive player numbers.

The detailed fixes and improvements outlined in HotFix 1.2.3 demonstrate Embark Studios’ commitment to refining The Finals based on player feedback. Addressing authentication issues and login problems, particularly those leading to erroneous ban messages, showcases the developers’ dedication to a seamless and fair gaming experience.

The adjustment to skill-based matchmaking is a notable feature of HotFix 1.2.3, aiming to create a more balanced playing field for all participants. While the slight increase in matchmaking times may be a concern for some, the potential for improved gameplay and overall satisfaction is expected to outweigh any minimal inconvenience.

Backfilling annoyances in Quick Cash and Bank It modes, another focal point of the update, have been acknowledged by Embark Studios. By refining the backfill mechanics, players can expect fewer interruptions and a more seamless gaming experience, addressing a common community concern.

The incorrect timer in the in-game shop, a minor but irksome issue, has been rectified in HotFix 1.2.3. This attention to detail reflects Embark Studios’ commitment to delivering a polished and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

In conclusion, HotFix 1.2.3 for The Finals marks another step in the ongoing journey of refining and enhancing the gaming experience. Embark Studios’ responsiveness to player feedback is commendable, and the commitment to addressing reported issues demonstrates a dedication to fostering a positive and engaging community. As The Finals continues to evolve, the gaming community eagerly anticipates further updates and improvements that will contribute to the game’s lasting success.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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