Mercedes-Benz Unveils Next-Level Voice Control Experience with Integration of ChatGPT Technology

Mercedes-Benz, the renowned German luxury and commercial vehicle brand, is set to revolutionize the driving experience by integrating voice control enhancement into its vehicles. This exciting development comes as the company embraces artificial intelligence (AI) and introduces ChatGPT, a cutting-edge technology that will make the “Hey Mercedes” MBUX Voice Assistant even more intuitive and user-friendly. Starting from June 16, 2023, Mercedes-Benz will launch a beta program, inviting over 900,000 vehicle owners in the United States, equipped with the MBUX infotainment system, to join and experience the future of voice control firsthand.

To participate in the beta program, customers can easily sign up through the Mercedes me app or directly from their vehicles by issuing the voice command, “Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program.” The rollout of the program will be conducted over-the-air, allowing participants to seamlessly integrate the new features into their vehicles. Mercedes-Benz has chosen to incorporate ChatGPT through Azure OpenAI Service, harnessing the robust capabilities of Microsoft’s cloud and AI platform to deliver an enhanced driving experience.

The existing “Hey Mercedes” MBUX Voice Assistant has already established itself as an industry leader, renowned for its intuitive operation and diverse range of commands. Users can currently receive updates on sports and weather, inquire about their surroundings, and even control various smart functions. With the integration of ChatGPT, the voice control system will be further amplified, expanding its capabilities beyond predefined tasks and responses.

Unlike most voice assistants that operate within a limited framework, ChatGPT utilizes a vast language model, enabling it to better understand natural language and respond to a wider array of topics. By merging the strengths of both systems, Mercedes-Benz aims to enhance the validated data of the MBUX Voice Assistant with the more conversational format of ChatGPT. As a result, users will benefit from an assistant that not only comprehends natural voice commands but can also engage in meaningful conversations. Whether inquiring about destination details, seeking out a new dinner recipe, or posing complex questions, participants can expect more comprehensive responses while maintaining their focus on driving.

Ensuring data privacy and security is of utmost importance to Mercedes-Benz. The collaboration with Microsoft, facilitated by Azure OpenAI Service, guarantees the integration of ChatGPT while leveraging OpenAI’s advanced generative AI models and combining them with Azure’s enterprise-grade security, privacy, and reliability capabilities. Importantly, Mercedes-Benz maintains complete control over the underlying IT processes. The voice command data collected is stored in the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Cloud, where it undergoes anonymization and analysis to safeguard user privacy.

As a brand committed to innovation, Mercedes-Benz offers its customers the opportunity to be early adopters of the latest technologies in their vehicles. The beta program will initially focus on the United States and is anticipated to run for three months. In exchange for their participation, Mercedes-Benz developers will gain valuable insights into specific user requests, enabling them to prioritize the further development of voice control features. The findings from the beta program will inform the refinement of the intuitive voice assistant and shape the rollout strategy for large language models in additional markets and languages.

Aligned with Mercedes-Benz’s AI principles, ChatGPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” representing a family of large language models designed to create or summarize texts, answer questions, and facilitate translations. Mercedes-Benz is fully committed to integrating ChatGPT in a manner that upholds its AI principles, ensuring that innovative AI solutions remain accessible to its valued customers. The company maintains a vigilant focus on identifying and mitigating potential risks and is dedicated to continuous improvements for the benefit of all users. Mercedes-Benz places the utmost importance on taking a responsible approach to generative AI solutions, ensuring a safe and reliable driving experience for all.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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