Raspberry Pi Stock Soars: Pimoroni and The Pi Hut Lead the Way with Abundant Supplies

In a pleasant turn of events for tech enthusiasts, Pimoroni has now become a leading reseller offering a surplus of Raspberry Pi 4 units. This exciting development allows customers to purchase up to 5 Raspberry Pi 4 2GB and 4GB boards, and an astonishing 25 Raspberry Pi Zero W boards. Although the highly anticipated Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W remains out of stock, there is hope that it won’t be long before it becomes available.

As of the recent update on July 31st at 05:51 PT, another UK reseller, The Pi Hut, has also stepped up its game by increasing the maximum number of Raspberry Pi 4 4GB units that can be purchased in a single transaction from one to five. This means that tech enthusiasts can now indulge in bulk buying of Raspberry Pi 4 boards. However, Pimoroni is still maintaining its policy of limiting the purchase of Raspberry Pi 4 to one unit per customer.

Over the past year, obtaining a Raspberry Pi was an arduous task, with stock levels consistently running low. However, the situation has improved significantly, and getting your hands on a Raspberry Pi is now a much smoother process. Raspberry Pi LTD’s CEO, Eben Upton, provided insights into the stock levels in a blog post back in December 2022. The data was further refined a few months ago, offering more clarity on the availability of these popular single-board computers.

As we are now well past the midway point of 2023, we can observe that the production of Raspberry Pi has largely aligned with Upton’s predictions. In the first quarter of 2023, 800,000 units were shipped, marking the weakest month for Raspberry Pi since 2015. This decline was due to the decision to advance production to December 2022, in anticipation of the holiday season. However, a positive gain of 12,000 units in May 2023 balanced the equation, even though production fell slightly below the initial projections.

Upon examining the different models of Raspberry Pi available, it becomes evident that Raspberry Pi 4 models are now more consistently in stock and available for longer periods. Official resellers have been restocking at a slower rate than before, indicating improved availability and supply.

On the other hand, Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W units remain elusive and challenging to find. Since its launch in 2021, this particular model has been relatively difficult to obtain. Out of the 788,000 units produced in June, approximately 33,000 were Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, with the majority comprising 119,000 units of Raspberry Pi Zero. Unfortunately, data on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 production is not available. However, recent stock updates indicate that resellers like The Pi Hut in the UK and Pishop in the US received their most recent shipments on July 25 and July 21, respectively. Though Raspberry Pi 4 production may not entirely fill the gap, it is expected to contribute significantly to the overall stock levels.

We sought the insights of RPiLocator’s creator, Andr√© Costa, who shed some light on the current situation. According to Costa, Raspberry Pi 4 models are generally well-stocked worldwide, with lasting availability in many regions, and some countries no longer facing shortages of Pi 4 units. However, the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W remains scarce, and the US market is still grappling with stabilization issues, although stocks are no longer depleting as rapidly as before. During the peak of the shortage, Pi 4s used to sell out within 10 minutes in the US, but now they are staying in stock for 3-4 hours. In the UK, finding Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W for sale remains challenging.

For those eager to get their hands on a Raspberry Pi, now is an opportune time. The boards are staying in stock for longer durations, making it easier to acquire one. To aid prospective buyers, we have diligently searched RPiLocator, Raspberry Pi-approved resellers, and Amazon to present the best deals available.

However, it is essential to keep the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRPs) in mind while making a purchase. For instance, a Raspberry Pi 4B with 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB models should be priced at $45, $55, and $75, respectively. Similarly, the Raspberry Pi Zero W should cost around $15. Be wary that Amazon tends to charge more than the MSRP for all models, though their Prime shipping convenience might make it a viable option for some.

For both US and UK-based shoppers, Pimoroni and The Pi Hut offer attractive options, with international shipping available at reasonable prices. Additionally, keep in mind that UK prices usually include VAT, but they often provide discounts for US customers.

Tech enthusiasts residing near a Micro Center store might also have a chance to find Raspberry Pi 4 or Zero models in stock. To ensure availability, it’s advisable to check the status on microcenter.com before visiting in person.

With the improved stock levels and diverse purchasing options, acquiring a Raspberry Pi has become a less daunting task. Whether you’re an avid enthusiast or a curious beginner, this is a great time to grab one of these versatile and affordable computing marvels. Happy tinkering!

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