Google Enhances Document Scanning Capabilities with Latest Files App Update

In a recent development, Google has expanded its document scanning capabilities beyond the confines of Google Drive, bringing the functionality to the Files app. This move follows the recent inclusion of Drive support in the app, providing users with a more versatile and streamlined experience for scanning and managing documents on their mobile devices.

The latest update to Google Drive’s document scanner has been met with enthusiasm, particularly for iPhone users who can now access the feature. However, it’s not just iOS users who are benefiting from these improvements; the Android version has received exclusive new features aimed at enhancing the document scanning process.

One notable addition is the automatic document capture feature. This innovation allows the camera to detect documents and initiate the scanning process automatically. The viewfinder has also undergone enhancements, providing users with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Additionally, users can now upload documents directly from their mobile devices, further simplifying the document management process.

However, Google’s expansion of document scanning capabilities is not limited to the Drive app alone. Users will now find a camera icon at the bottom-right corner of the Files window, mirroring the setup in Google Drive. Upon tapping the icon, users are presented with the familiar document scanner found in Drive, complete with all the recent upgrades.

The document scanning tool within Files offers users a choice between “Manual” and “Auto Capture” modes. In Manual mode, users can manually align the document in the viewfinder and capture it as they would with a photograph. On the other hand, Auto Capture mode relinquishes control to the Files app, allowing it to automatically capture the document when it detects the document’s borders.

According to Nail Sadykov, documents scanned using this tool will be conveniently saved to either 0/Files by Google/Scanned or “Documents & other” in the Scanned tab. Notably, both Google Drive and Google Files scanners appear to utilize the same underlying technology. This means users need not fret about prioritizing one app over the other when it comes to capturing scans in the best quality. Whether you prefer keeping your documents in Files or Drive, the scanning experience remains consistent and reliable.

It’s essential to note that the rollout of this feature seems to be gradual, with users reporting varying degrees of access to the document scanning capabilities within the Files app. While iPhone users can now enjoy the convenience of scanning documents directly within the Files app, Android users may need to exercise patience as the feature gradually becomes available to a wider audience.

The decision to integrate document scanning into the Files app underscores Google’s commitment to providing users with a seamless and unified experience across its suite of applications. By expanding the document scanning capabilities beyond Drive, Google aims to accommodate diverse user preferences and ensure that regardless of the preferred app, the scanning process remains efficient and user-friendly.

In conclusion, Google’s recent update to the Files app brings a host of document scanning features to users, further cementing its position as a versatile and user-focused tech giant. As the rollout continues, users can look forward to a more unified document scanning experience across Google’s suite of applications. Whether you’re a dedicated Drive user or prefer the functionality of the Files app, Google has ensured that document scanning remains a smooth and accessible process for all.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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