Microsoft Edge Update Leads to Browser Dysfunction

A recent update to Microsoft’s Edge browser has left numerous users grappling with serious functionality issues, rendering the web browser virtually unusable for some.

Reports indicate that following the update, Edge fails to load websites properly, displaying error messages such as ‘this page is having a problem’ or ‘not enough memory to open this page’. These errors persist across all websites and even affect core features of the browser like the Settings panel, bookmarks, and new tabs, effectively paralysing the browsing experience.

The problematic update, identified as version 122.0.2365.63, has garnered attention after being highlighted by a reader on Neowin. Subsequent reports from various users confirm widespread encounters with the glitch, adding to the frustration surrounding Edge’s recent update.

Despite attempts to resolve the issue by disabling extensions, users find themselves at an impasse. However, a potential solution has emerged albeit with notable caveats. To address the problem, users are advised to access the Settings panel in Edge and navigate to the ‘Privacy, search and services’ section. From there, they should locate the ‘Enhance your security on the web’ option within the Security box and disable it.

Yet, this purported fix comes with uncertainties. While successful for some, many users continue to experience persistent errors even after implementing the suggested solution. Microsoft moderators on acknowledge the complexity of the issue, suggesting that it may not be resolved by a simple toggle.

Alternative remedies proposed by users include signing out of Edge profiles, although effectiveness varies. The dilemma deepens as disabling Edge’s enhanced security mode, the suggested workaround, compromises users’ online safety measures.

Acknowledging the significance of enhanced security for less tech-savvy users, the potential workaround raises concerns about compromised browsing safety. While downgrading security levels from ‘strict’ to ‘balanced’ is suggested, it may not offer a fool proof solution, leaving users in a precarious position.

As Microsoft investigates the matter, affected Edge users remain hopeful for a prompt resolution and clarity on the underlying issues. A swift remedy or patch from Microsoft would alleviate the inconvenience and uncertainty plaguing users amidst the browser breakdown.

In light of these challenges, users are urged to exercise caution and consider alternative browsers until a comprehensive solution is provided. Microsoft’s response to this predicament remains eagerly anticipated as users navigate the troubled waters of Edge’s recent update.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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