Windows 11’s Paint App Gets a Major Makeover with Exciting New Features

Microsoft’s iconic Paint app, a beloved creative tool for many Windows users, is about to receive a significant facelift with the introduction of exciting new features. These changes have been unveiled during ongoing testing, promising a more versatile and advanced image editing experience for users.

The most anticipated addition to the Paint app is the introduction of a layers feature, which is poised to revolutionize the way users create and edit images. This game-changing feature has been revealed in a recent blog post, announcing its availability in the Canary and Dev testing channels for Paint (version 11.2308.18.0 or higher).

Layers, a staple in professional image editing software, enable users to work with multiple layers within a single image. Each layer can house different elements, allowing for easy manipulation, visibility control, and even merging for a more intricate editing process.

A dedicated Layer button now graces the Paint app’s toolbar, granting users seamless access to this new functionality. By clicking the Layer button, a side panel appears, showcasing the various layers added to the composition.

Furthermore, the Paint app is now equipped with a transparency effect, represented by a checkered pattern to highlight transparent portions of an image. Users will also have the capability to open and save transparent PNG image files, enhancing the app’s overall versatility.

In an intriguing development, eagle-eyed users have spotted hidden references to an AI-powered image generation feature in the same version of the app. Referred to as ‘Cocreator,’ this feature is set to leverage the prowess of Dall-E, an AI image generation technology. Users will be able to describe an image and specify art styles, allowing Paint to generate compositions autonomously.

The concept of AI-powered image creation may sound familiar, as it’s already a part of Bing AI’s arsenal. Thus, the integration of this feature into Paint isn’t entirely surprising, but it still marks a significant step towards enhancing the app’s capabilities.

While the introduction of layers and transparency elements is undoubtedly a substantial leap forward for Paint, it’s worth noting that these features have been unofficially implemented by creative enthusiasts in the past. This prompted numerous inquiries directed at Microsoft regarding the official inclusion of such capabilities. The tech giant has now heeded these requests, demonstrating its commitment to improving the Paint app.

It remains highly likely that these features will successfully navigate the testing phase and make their way into the official release version of Paint. Users can only anticipate more exciting developments, potentially including other unofficially introduced features like simple animations that have found their way into the creative toolkit.

Paint has come a long way since the discussion of its potential discontinuation in 2017. The recent enhancements showcase Microsoft’s dedication to evolving and improving its software offerings, providing users with a richer and more versatile creative experience. As Paint continues to transform, users can expect even more exciting developments on the horizon.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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