YouTube Extends Ad Breaks on Smart TVs, Promising Improved Viewing Experience

In a recent blog post, YouTube has unveiled changes to its advertising strategy, promising a more helpful and user-friendly experience for viewers, albeit with longer commercials. The platform asserts that the extended ads will be less frequent, offering users a trade-off in their viewing habits.

The alterations primarily affect users watching YouTube on connected TVs, encompassing built-in smart platforms and popular streaming devices such as Apple TV. According to YouTube’s research, viewers prefer a countdown timer indicating the total time remaining before they can skip, rather than displaying the number of ads. This user-centric approach aims to enhance the viewing experience, aligning with the evolving preferences of the global audience.

One significant change is the inclusion of ads in YouTube Shorts on connected TVs. While YouTube notes a surge in the global popularity of watching Shorts on such devices, it’s essential to recognize the contributing factor of content creators integrating Shorts to maintain visibility on the platform.

Despite the platform’s attempt to portray these adjustments as improvements, they also reflect a broader strategy aimed at promoting YouTube Premium subscriptions and combating the use of ad blockers. YouTube has recently intensified its global efforts against ad blockers by issuing warning notices to users, explicitly stating that using ad blockers violates YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Earlier this month, YouTube implemented a price increase for YouTube Premium and discontinued the cheaper YouTube Premium Lite option. These moves align with the platform’s broader agenda to encourage users to opt for the premium subscription, which not only provides an ad-free experience but also introduces new AI-powered features.

The impact of these changes is noticeable for users of connected TV devices, such as Apple TV. Longer ad breaks, reminiscent of traditional cable or broadcast TV, have replaced the previous option of skipping ads after a brief 5-10 seconds. While YouTube insists that these extended ads will be less frequent, the actual impact on the total duration of ad consumption remains unspecified.

Users are advised to brace themselves for potentially longer ad breaks during the upcoming Christmas holidays, as YouTube continues to refine its advertising model. The platform aims to strike a delicate balance between meeting the needs of advertisers and maintaining a positive viewer experience.

As YouTube pushes forward with its advertising evolution, viewers may find themselves at a crossroads – tolerating longer ads during their favourite content or succumbing to the allure of YouTube Premium and its suite of AI-enhanced features. The coming months will reveal how users adapt to these changes and whether YouTube’s vision of an improved streaming experience aligns with the expectations of its diverse audience.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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