Exploring Alternatives: The Best Live TV Streaming Services in the UK Beyond YouTube TV

In the ever-evolving landscape of live TV streaming services in the UK, YouTube TV has held its ground as a dominant player with over 5 million subscribers as of July 2022. However, recent changes, including a price hike in March 2023, have prompted many subscribers to consider exploring other options. If you find yourself in this boat, wondering what to try next, we’ve got you covered with a breakdown of the best alternatives based on your needs and budget.

Hulu with Live TV: A Disney-Backed Contender

Hulu with Live TV stands out as a strong contender with 4 million paid subscribers as of July 2022, making it the most popular live TV streaming service in the United States. While it has a slightly smaller channel listing compared to YouTube TV, it compensates with access to the extensive Hulu on-demand library. One notable advantage is its association with the Disney Bundle, offering Disney+, ESPN+, and the basic Hulu on-demand service at just $14 a month. Bringing Hulu with Live TV into the mix increases the cost to $73 a month, providing a third streaming service essentially for free.

However, a price increase in December 2021 saw Hulu with Live TV moving from $65 to $70 a month, or $76 a month without ads in on-demand content. Despite this, the Disney affiliation and additional perks make it a compelling option for those willing to explore beyond YouTube TV.

FuboTV: Unveiling the Hidden Gem

FuboTV may be the underdog with a quarter of the subscribers compared to Hulu with Live TV, but it’s a hidden gem in the streaming world. With a comparable channel line up, FuboTV offers the Pro plan at $70 a month, providing 131 channels, 1,000 hours of cloud-based recording, and 4K resolution for select live content. The Elite plan, priced at $80 a month, expands the channel count to 190. FuboTV’s unique proposition includes occasional games in 4K resolution, multiple add-ons not found elsewhere, and a growing integration with sports betting.

For sports enthusiasts, FuboTV stands out with its international sports options, making it a compelling alternative for those seeking diversity in content.

Sling TV: Customizable and Cost-Effective

Sling TV, the third-most-popular live streaming service in the U.S. with 2.41 million subscribers as of September 2022, offers a customizable and cost-effective solution. With plans starting at $35 for either the Sling Orange or Blue plan, or $50 a month for both, Sling TV provides flexibility in channel selection. The à la carte approach lets users add “Extras” for specific channels at an additional fee, allowing for a tailored streaming experience.

However, the risk lies in overspending, as users might find themselves subscribing to multiple Extras to access a full range of channels. Despite this, Sling TV remains an excellent option for those who value customization and affordability.

DirecTV Stream: A Channel-Rich Option with Some Caveats

Formerly known by various names, DirecTV Stream emerges as a channel-rich option under the AT&T umbrella. With numerous channels and regional sports options, it caters to viewers seeking a diverse range of content. AT&T customers can benefit from potential deals, especially when bundled with an AT&T internet plan.

However, DirecTV Stream faces challenges, including a price per channel that may not be favourable and the absence of live 4K options. The service has experienced a decline in subscribers in recent years, raising questions about its long-term viability compared to competitors.

Philo: Budget-Friendly, but Limited

Philo positions itself as the budget-friendly option in the live TV streaming arena, priced at $25 a month for 60-plus channels. With a subscriber base exceeding 800,000 as of November 2020, it remains a popular choice for those looking to save on subscription costs.

However, Philo comes with limitations, offering fewer channels than its counterparts and lacking local broadcast channels. Users may need to supplement their viewing experience with an over-the-air antenna setup to access local channels.

In conclusion, the live TV streaming landscape in the UK offers a variety of alternatives to YouTube TV, each with its unique features, advantages, and drawbacks. Whether you prioritize channel variety, cost-effectiveness, or specific content offerings, exploring these alternatives allows you to tailor your streaming experience to better suit your preferences and budget.

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