Ironwood Studios Teams Up with Kepler Interactive for the Release of Pacific Drive, a Thrilling Driving-Survival Adventure

Ironwood Studios, a Seattle-based game developer, has recently announced its partnership with Kepler Interactive to publish their highly-anticipated debut title, Pacific Drive. As the release date draws near, the studio treated fans to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this gripping driving survival adventure during the Future Games Show over the weekend.

Ironwood Studios unveiled a new video showcasing the making of Pacific Drive, titled “Tales from the Road,” which provides viewers with a glimpse into the surreal and dangerous world of the game. In the video, Alexander Dracott, the Studio Head and Creative Director of Pacific Drive, shares his lifelong passion for road trips through the Pacific Northwest, which inspired the development of the game. Dracott, along with other members of the Ironwood team, details the creative process behind the unique first-person, run-based driving survival gameplay of Pacific Drive.

Discussing the partnership with Kepler Interactive, Dracott expressed his excitement, stating, “We’re incredibly thrilled to announce our collaboration with Kepler Interactive for the release of Pacific Drive. Their innovative approach to working with developers aligns perfectly with Ironwood Studios, and we are eager to reveal more about this partnership in the near future.”

Pacific Drive is an immersive driving survival adventure that revolves around a run-based gameplay structure. Players will find themselves confronted with supernatural dangers during each expedition into the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Armed with only their trusty car, they must navigate a reimagined, anomaly-filled version of the Pacific Northwest. By establishing their base in an abandoned garage, players can research new parts, upgrade their station wagon, and ensure its maintenance. As they venture deeper into the Zone, players will gather vital resources and investigate the remnants of the past, uncovering the secrets necessary to survive in this hostile and unpredictable environment.

The highly-anticipated Pacific Drive is set to release on PlayStation 5 and PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store) in 2023. For those eager to learn more and stay updated on the game’s progress, visit the official website at Don’t forget to add Pacific Drive to your wishlist and join the thrilling adventure when it hits the gaming world later this year.

To catch a glimpse of the surreal and dangerous world of Pacific Drive, watch the behind-the-scenes video “Tales from the Road” here:

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