A Breath of Fresh Wind: Genshin Impact’s Cloud Retainer Unveils her Secrets in Version 4.4

A gust of excitement is sweeping through the Genshin Impact community as leaks surrounding Cloud Retainer’s anticipated debut in Version 4.4 have surfaced, revealing not only her rumored name but also the intriguing details of her ability kit. The maternal figure to Shenhe and Ganyu, Cloud Retainer, affectionately known as Xianyun, is set to make a splash during the annual Lantern Rite festival.

Ever since Cloud Retainer assumed a human form during the 2023 Lantern Rite event, fans have been fervently hoping for her to become a playable character. Now, with leaked information circulating, it seems their wishes might be granted sooner than expected. If the leaked banner order holds true, players can expect Cloud Retainer to join forces with Xiao in the initial stages of Version 4.4, promising an exciting addition to the roster.

Rumors have been circulating regarding Cloud Retainer’s ability kit, and leaked details from sources like Black Rose, TL Founiiswaq, and the Plum Team suggest that she is more than just an ideal support healer. Xianyun, as she is now known, is purported to be a 5-Star Anemo Catalyst character whose abilities not only buff Plunging Attacks but also universally enable them for all team members.

Xianyun’s Elemental Skill, dubbed “Release the Wind Domain,” introduces a captivating mechanic. This skill empowers Cloud Retainer and other team members to execute three consecutive Plunging Attacks in swift succession. The implications of this ability are particularly exciting for characters like Diluc, whose Plunging Attack damage multiplier stands out among the roster’s best.

The real revelation comes with Xianyun’s Elemental Burst ability. Initial reports suggest that it will unleash a team-wide burst of healing, enhancing the damage bonus of Plunging Attacks within the wind domain, and providing sustained healing over time. While many had hoped Cloud Retainer would emerge as a main DPS, this new information hints at a different direction, one that fosters synergy with existing characters such as Chongyun, Diluc, or even the formidable Raiden Shogun.

A noteworthy aspect is the timing of the banners in Version 4.3, which conveniently allow players to acquire Raiden just ahead of Xianyun’s debut. The imminent re-run of Ei alongside Yoimiya in the second half of the update ensures that players can assemble a powerful team composition with both Raiden and the newly revealed Xianyun. Although details on Cloud Retainer’s kit may still undergo changes before the official release, the prospect of innovative team compositions is undeniably on the horizon.

As the Genshin Impact community eagerly awaits the unveiling of Version 4.4, the prospect of adding Xianyun to their rosters has sparked discussions and theories about potential team synergies. Players are already speculating on the possibilities of combining Xianyun’s unique abilities with other fan-favorite characters, unlocking new strategic dimensions in the game.

The anticipation surrounding Cloud Retainer’s playable debut is palpable, and as leaks continue to unravel, players are left to speculate and strategize, preparing for the moment when they can harness the power of Xianyun in the immersive world of Genshin Impact. The Lantern Rite festival in Version 4.4 is shaping up to be an event to remember, with Cloud Retainer poised to leave an indelible mark on the game’s evolving meta and player experiences.

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