Ancient Powers Reign Supreme: Genshin Impact’s Most-Used Characters Unveiled in Spiral Abyss Phase 2 of Version 4.4

In the ever-evolving world of Teyvat, where the Spiral Abyss stands as a formidable challenge for Genshin Impact players, a newly surfaced chart has laid bare the hierarchy of characters dominating Phase 2 of the latest Version 4.4 update. As players navigate the labyrinthine chambers of the Abyss, the need for strategic team compositions becomes paramount, and the revelations from this chart shed light on unexpected frontrunners.

The Spiral Abyss, a crucible of combat with its 12 challenging floors, has become the proving ground for Travelers seeking the pinnacle of end-game content. Scaling difficulty and diverse enemy types characterize each floor, culminating in the fearsome Floor 12, where adversaries boast formidable HP pools and the capacity for devastating one-shot attacks.

Reddit user soapz231 recently unveiled a chart showcasing the most-utilized characters in Phase 2 of the current Spiral Abyss domain for Version 4.4. Perhaps most surprising to fans, the chart’s apex is claimed by Zhongli, the venerable Geo Archon. Despite his release in late 2020, Zhongli remains a stalwart S-tier character, celebrated for deploying the game’s most robust shield and dealing substantial AoE Geo damage with his Elemental Burst, Planet Befall, a meteoric force that obliterates foes.

Following closely in the chart’s hierarchy is the recently introduced Hydro wielder, Focalors, affectionately known as Lady Furina. Stepping into the limelight during the Fontaine Archon Quest, Furina’s narrative prominence aligns with her prowess on the battlefield. A versatile Hydro character, Furina seamlessly integrates into various team compositions requiring a potent Hydro support.

Securing the third position is Furina’s Fontaine companion, Neuvillette, reigning as arguably the most potent Hydro DPS in the current Genshin Impact meta. Renowned for his on-field prowess, Neuvillette stands as a solo force capable of clearing Abyss floors with his unique Charged Attack—a powerful Hydro beam unleashing devastating AoE damage.

Nahida, the Dendro Archon from Sumeru, claims the fourth spot with an impressive pick rate surpassing 71%. Essential for teams requiring a Dendro support, Nahida’s elemental applications set her apart, making her an indispensable asset in the ongoing battle against the Abyss. Unsurprisingly, the highest-ranked four-star character on the list is the venerable Pyro user Bennett, boasting a usage rate exceeding 60%.

The resilience and popularity of these characters underscore the dynamic nature of team compositions required to conquer the Spiral Abyss. Despite Zhongli’s age in the game, his enduring relevance speaks volumes about the enduring appeal of certain characters in Genshin Impact. Meanwhile, the triumvirate of Hydro characters—Furina, Neuvillette, and Nahida—showcases the dominance of their elemental prowess in the current meta.

Players, both seasoned and new, find themselves adapting to the ever-shifting landscape of character utility in Genshin Impact. The Spiral Abyss continues to serve as a litmus test for the mettle of Travelers, challenging them to craft teams that can withstand the escalating challenges presented on each floor.

As the chart’s revelations reverberate through the Genshin Impact community, one can’t help but wonder which characters will emerge as the champions of future updates. The ongoing evolution of Teyvat promises further surprises, ensuring that players will continue to discover new synergies and strategies to triumph over the Spiral Abyss’s unforgiving trials.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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