Dead by Daylight Unveils Dungeons and Dragons Collaboration

In a thrilling fusion of two beloved universes, Dead by Daylight Chapter 32 has emerged, bringing the realms of Dungeons and Dragons into the chilling landscape of the popular asymmetric horror game. With an array of new features, characters, and settings, Behaviour Interactive has delivered an exciting addition to the Dead by Daylight universe.

The anticipation for this crossover began to build in early May 2024, as Behaviour Interactive tantalised fans with hints of what was to come. Following a week-long public beta test that concluded on May 20, the stage was set for the official release of Chapter 32 on June 3.

At the heart of this update lies the introduction of a formidable new Killer: Vecna, The Lich. Voiced by the esteemed Matt Mercer of Critical Role fame, Vecna brings a formidable presence to Dead by Daylight’s roster of sinister antagonists. With a design that intricately mirrors the iconic necromancer from Dungeons and Dragons lore, Vecna boasts a range of abilities drawn directly from the revered tabletop game. From the ability to fly, enabling swift traversal of the map, to a unique area-of-effect life detector known as Dispelling Sphere, Vecna embodies the essence of terror.

Among Vecna’s arsenal is the renowned Mage Hand spell, allowing the Killer to manipulate interactive obstacles known as Pallets to impede the progress of Survivors. Flight of the Damned, another of Vecna’s devastating abilities, summons spectral entities to wreak havoc upon any unfortunate Survivor who crosses their path.

In addition to the introduction of Vecna, Dead by Daylight Chapter 32 welcomes two new Survivors into the fray: Aestri Yazar, an elf bard, and Baermar Uraz, a human bard. These musical adventurers bring a unique set of skills to the game, including Still Sight, which reveals the aura of the Killer and nearby objects when the Survivor remains stationary. Bardic Inspiration, a temporary skill-check boost determined by a roll of a 20-sided dice, adds an element of chance to their abilities, in keeping with the Dungeons and Dragons theme. Furthermore, the bards can employ the Mirrored Illusion spell to confound their pursuers, offering temporary respite in the face of danger.

Accompanying these character additions is the introduction of a new map: Forgotten Ruins. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Dungeons and Dragons lore, this atmospheric setting sets the stage for thrilling encounters between Killer and Survivor alike.

As Dead by Daylight embarks upon its Year 9 roadmap, this collaboration with Dungeons and Dragons marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in the game’s ongoing evolution. With a promise of further Chapters and events set to unfold by April 2025, players can anticipate a wealth of new experiences and challenges on the horizon.

In a landscape where darkness reigns supreme, the worlds of Dead by Daylight and Dungeons and Dragons have converged, offering players a tantalising glimpse into a realm where fear and fantasy collide. As Survivors strive to evade the clutches of Vecna and navigate the treacherous terrain of Forgotten Ruins, the stage is set for an epic battle for survival like no other.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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