Sony Invests Heavily in Bend Studio’s Next Game

In a move signalling confidence in Bend Studio’s creative prowess, Sony reportedly earmarks a staggering £250 million for the development of the studio’s forthcoming project. The investment, revealed by Jeff Ross, the director behind the acclaimed “Days Gone,” sheds light on Sony’s ambitious commitment to the studio’s future endeavours.

Bend Studio, known for its post-apocalyptic opus “Days Gone,” faced a tumultuous reception upon the game’s launch in 2019. Technical hiccups marred its debut, eliciting a mixed response from critics and players alike. Despite initial setbacks, the studio persevered, rectifying the issues and even expanding the game’s reach with a PC port in 2021. However, with the closure of the “Days Gone” chapter, Bend Studio embarked on a new narrative journey, teasing fans with scant details about its next project.

The revelation of Sony’s substantial investment in Bend Studio’s latest intellectual property underscores the magnitude of the endeavour. To put this into perspective, recent leaks concerning Insomniac’s “Spider-Man 2” budget, a licensed Marvel title, hinted at a figure close to £315 million. The parallel drawn between the budgets of these two projects hints at Sony’s unwavering confidence in Bend Studio’s ability to deliver a monumental gaming experience.

Speculation abounds regarding the nature of Bend Studio’s forthcoming venture, with indications suggesting a foray into the realm of live-service gaming. This strategic shift aligns with recent job listings hinting at the integration of multiplayer features, hinting at a bold departure from the studio’s previous narrative-driven ventures.

However, amidst the excitement surrounding Bend Studio’s next venture, Jeff Ross’s disclosure about the potential budget for a “Days Gone 2” casts a poignant shadow. Ross lamented Sony’s decision to pivot away from the franchise, revealing that a sequel could have been realised at a fraction of the current investment. The juxtaposition of these figures prompts reflection on Sony’s strategic vision and the metrics employed to gauge the success of its gaming ventures.

It’s imperative to approach Ross’s revelations with cautious scrutiny, given his estrangement from Bend Studio and Sony. His comments, while insightful, bear the hallmarks of a perspective coloured by personal sentiments and professional grievances. Bend Studio’s previous distancing from “Days Gone” writer John Garvin, coupled with Ross’s own vocal critiques of PlayStation management, underscores the complex dynamics at play within the gaming industry.

Nevertheless, if Ross’s assertions hold merit, Bend Studio’s latest creation may herald a new zenith in gaming innovation. The infusion of substantial resources underscores Sony’s unwavering commitment to fostering creative excellence and pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

As the gaming community awaits further developments, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on Bend Studio’s enigmatic project, poised to redefine the gaming landscape with its blend of innovation and ambition.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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