Embark Studios Unveils The Finals Update 1.5.5: A Balancing Act and Matchmaking Overhaul

Embark Studios, the mastermind behind the acclaimed multiplayer shooter, The Finals, has just rolled out Update 1.5.5, marking a significant shift in the game’s dynamics. This update addresses a slew of concerns voiced by the gaming community since The Game Awards 2023 launch, demonstrating Embark’s commitment to refining the player experience.

Weapon and Gear Balancing

A primary focus of Update 1.5.5 is the recalibration of popular weapons and gear, with the goal of fostering a more nuanced and competitive gameplay environment. Players will notice substantial adjustments to the Defibrillator, a vital tool for reviving teammates. The period of invulnerability post-revive has been trimmed down from 1.5 seconds to a brisk 0.75 seconds, adding a layer of strategic vulnerability to the revival process.

The Guardian Turret, a formidable companion in the game, sees a slight reduction in its health pool from 300 to 280. Meanwhile, firearms such as the .357 Revolver and FCAR have undergone tweaks to their damage output. The .357 Revolver now boasts decreased bullet dispersion when aiming down sights, with adjustments to damage fall-off ranges. The FCAR, on the other hand, has seen a slight dip in damage, promoting a more balanced weapon ecosystem.

However, it’s not all about nerfs; the update introduces buffs to certain Heavy Build Grenade launchers, such as the MGL32 and CL-40, elevating their damage output. These changes collectively aim to diversify the arsenal available to players, fostering a more dynamic and strategic combat experience.

Matchmaking Mastery

Beyond weapon adjustments, Update 1.5.5 brings a substantial overhaul to The Finals’ matchmaking system. A crucial bug fix ensures that players’ crossplay settings are now strictly adhered to, preventing cross-platform matchups for those who prefer a more confined gaming experience. This addresses a long-standing concern in the community and reinforces Embark’s commitment to player choice.

The matchmaking adjustments extend to both Tournament and Ranked versions of the game, with a redesigned system targeting tighter skill gaps. The objective is clear: to provide players with more closely contested matches, reducing the frequency of one-sided outcomes. Embark Studios acknowledges the importance of player feedback in shaping these changes, continuing its tradition of responsiveness to the evolving needs of The Finals’ community.

A History of Iteration

Embark Studios has maintained an iterative approach since The Finals’ launch, consistently fine-tuning the game based on user feedback. A prime example is the earlier overhaul of aim assist mechanics, a response to widespread player discussions on the topic. The studio not only addressed reported issues but also re-evaluated and modified aim assist behaviours, demonstrating a commitment to creating a balanced and enjoyable experience for all players.

As Embark Studios continues to evolve The Finals, Update 1.5.5 stands as a testament to the studio’s dedication to delivering a polished and engaging gaming experience. By addressing weapon imbalances, refining crucial gameplay mechanics, and revamping matchmaking services, Embark aims to ensure that The Finals remains a thrilling and fair multiplayer arena. Players can anticipate more exciting updates in the future, as Embark Studios remains steadfast in its mission to provide an unparalleled gaming experience.

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