Final Fantasy 14 Unveils Female Hrothgar as Final Playable Race in Dawntrail Expansion

In a stunning revelation during the Tokyo Fan Fest Keynote, Final Fantasy 14’s producer and director, Naoki Yoshida, delighted fans by announcing the introduction of the female Hrothgar as the final playable race in the upcoming Dawntrail expansion. While players eagerly await the official launch of Dawntrail, scheduled for the summer of 2024, a sneak peek is in store with the release of Patch 6.55 on January 16.

The keynote event commenced with the premiere of the full Dawntrail trailer, unveiling the Pictomancer as the game’s latest Caster DPS Job. The trailer featured Krile Baldesion, a lalafell character, wielding the mystical powers of the Pictomancer with a magical paintbrush and palette. Despite withholding the exact release date for Dawntrail, Yoshida assured fans that the summer 2024 timeframe is still on track, emphasizing the development team’s commitment to delivering a remarkable expansion. Further details about the New World of Tural, along with insights into the Viper and Pictomancer roles, are anticipated in the near future.

Towards the conclusion of the trailer, the spotlight shifted to the highly anticipated revelation of the final playable race. Teased in the closing moments of Patch 6.5, Growing Light, a female Hrothgar took center stage. As the daughter of Tural’s current ruler, this leonine warrior will make her debut in Patch 6.55, initiating a compelling narrative around the succession of leadership within Tural. Yoshida and Final Fantasy 14 localization lead Kate Cwynar treated fans to a captivating trailer showcasing the in-game appearance of the female Hrothgar, utilizing the enhanced graphics of the Dawntrail expansion.

Much like their male counterparts, the female Hrothgar originate from the Ilsabard continent, staking their claim in territories like Bozja and neighbouring nations. Despite their relatively small population, the female Hrothgar exhibit a natural inclination towards leadership and boast sleek, muscular forms. Diverging from their male counterparts, the females lack the distinctive hunched backs, leaving players curious about their exact height range. Addressing long-standing concerns about visible headgear issues with the Hrothgar and the Viera, Yoshida confirmed ongoing efforts to refine this aspect during and after the Dawntrail expansion. While asserting that the female Hrothgar marks the final addition to playable races, Yoshida intriguingly hinted at the possibility of future player suggestions influencing the game’s evolution.

Player reactions to the introduction of the female Hrothgar have been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing satisfaction that the new addition aligns with their expectations. As Final Fantasy 14 continues to build on the success of 2023, the unveiling of the female Hrothgar for the Dawntrail expansion sets the stage for an exciting start to 2024, signalling Square Enix’s dedication to enriching the gaming experience for its devoted player base.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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