Final Fantasy 14 Unveils Pictomancer, a Creative Addition to the Dawntrail Expansion

Final Fantasy 14 enthusiasts have reason to rejoice as the acclaimed MMORPG unveils a captivating new addition to its job roster in the upcoming Dawntrail expansion. Enter the Pictomancer, a visually striking ranged magical DPS caster class that promises to infuse a unique artistic flair into the game.

The revelation of the Pictomancer came during the final Fan Festival in Japan, following the earlier introduction of the Viper, the first job showcased for the Dawntrail expansion in London. Eager fans had been teased with hints of a second caster class, with the subtle clue of the developers wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt. The suspense finally ended with the grand unveiling of the Pictomancer, a class that might trigger a wave of nostalgia for players familiar with Final Fantasy 6.

In a departure from traditional spellcasting jobs, the Pictomancer wields a brush as its primary weapon. The mechanics involve painting intricate images of monsters, weapons, landscapes, and more, which are then charged with aether to bring them to life in battle. The visual effects associated with this new class draw inspiration from iconic games like Okami and Splatoon, promising a refreshing and charming addition to the diverse array of Final Fantasy 14 jobs.

Key Features of the Pictomancer Job:

  1. Ranged Magical DPS Caster Class: Armed with a brush, the Pictomancer attacks foes and supports allies from a distance with magical prowess.
  2. Artistic Combat: Players can paint various elements to fight enemies and provide buffs to their party, showcasing a creative twist to traditional DPS roles.
  3. Unique Visuals: The Pictomancer introduces a distinctive visual style, featuring pastel colours and effects that set it apart from other jobs in Final Fantasy 14.
  4. Iconic Scion Joins the Fray: Krile, the beloved Scion of the Seventh Dawn Archon, adopts the Pictomancer job and takes on the role of a Duty Support character, enriching the gameplay experience.
  5. Progression Unlock: To access the Pictomancer job, players must reach level 80 on at least one other job and can then embark on their artistic journey in the city-state of Gridania.

While the Pictomancer offers buffs and party support, it deviates from the attack-focused nature of the Black Mage and lacks the resurrection ability associated with jobs like the Red Mage or Summoner. The class employs a mix of instant abilities and spells with cast times, providing a versatile and engaging playstyle. Krile, in her Duty Support role, showcased some of the mesmerizing abilities associated with the Pictomancer in the extended Dawntrail trailer.

The Pictomancer is set to be the final regular job introduced in Dawntrail, but Final Fantasy 14 has teased players with a future addition – the Beastmaster. Similar to the Blue Mage, this new class will be a limited job, meaning it won’t be usable in all game content but will introduce unique gameplay mechanics. Players can anticipate learning more about this intriguing job and other upcoming features following the release of the Dawntrail expansion.

As the anticipation builds, Final Fantasy 14 enthusiasts can look forward to diving into the captivating world of Eorzea with the Pictomancer, a job that combines artistic expression with magical prowess, promising an unforgettable gaming experience.

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Sam Allcock
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